The State of Maine Achieves CMS Certification

Couple going over paperwork

Sandata congratulates the State of Maine on achieving certification by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS certification uses an outcomes-based approach to ensure business needs of the state and CMS are meet by systems that receive federal financial participation.  

The State of Maine went live with EVV in January 2019 and followed a single combined operational readiness review and final certification review. This required providing KPI data going back to the go-live date, ADA testing, and evidence addressing security and privacy requirements. 

 The CMS review included the following: 


  • Overview of the Maine EVV Program including EVV module used 
  • Overview of Maine EVV Implementation Project and timeline of activities 
  • Outreach and training activities 
  • EVV System Overview and interactions with stakeholders and the MMIS 
  • How visit to claims matching occurs 
  • Detailed info about KPI data 

 System Demonstration 

  • An EVV system demonstrate on in the production system which demonstrated a variety of visits submitted since January 2019  
  • A MMIS demonstration of claims matching to visits 

With Maine, Sandata has now supported two states in achieving full CMS certification and has 11 more states already through half of the process. “Our experience in launching EVV programs and achieving CMS certifications is invaluable to our partners,” said Timothy Bacci, Sandata’s Chief Executive Officer. “We can anticipate problem spots, resolve unexpected issues quickly, and ensure compliance from every angle.” 


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