Fuse Business Intelligence

Sandata Fuse™ BI:
Homecare Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Success in homecare means delivering optimum care while keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. Numbers on a spreadsheet provide only limited guidance in achieving those goals. Fuse Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards go far beyond that, offering strategic insights that promote informed decision-making and help drive operational efficiency.

Deeper insights. Smoother operations. Greater efficiency.

Better Informed Decision-Making

With its visual data representations of enterprise-wide and location-specific views, Fuse BI reveals key insights that provide a full perspective and drive confident decisions.

Improved Operational Performance

Fuse BI enables you to identify issues and opportunities and then drill down into operational data to optimize operations – saving time, improving communications, and driving improvements.

Higher Quality of Care

By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks like scouring records and interpreting spreadsheets, Fuse BI enables you to focus on your core mission of making a positive impact on clients’ lives.

Features That Inform
and Empower

Fuse BI brings the power of analytics and visualization to every aspect of your homecare business with discrete modules for clients, employees, scheduling, payroll, operations, finance,
and more.

Client Module

Multiple dashboards span the client service lifecycle to visualize, track, and optimize admissions, census, holds, discharges, and referrals.

  • Track admissions metrics and enhance operational efficiency
  • Optimize resource planning
  • Enhance control and visibility
  • Manage and monitor held items and ensure efficient resolution
  • Streamline post-care processes
  • Visualize patient transitions
  • Track referral statuses

Employee Module

Dashboards for compliance and demographics support credentialing, compliance, efficiency, and resource utilization.

  • Credentialing status tracking
  • Staff compliance adherence
  • Operational efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Staff turnover and utilization

Scheduling Module

With dashboards for scheduled hours and canceled events, the Scheduling Module reveals trends and identifies issues.

  • Monthly/weekly scheduled visit trends
  • Canceled visit and cause tracking

Payroll, Billing, and Visit Maintenance Module

Fuse BI keeps you informed and in control with dashboards for invoice information, visit verification, and shift analysis.

  • Invoice, accounts receivable, and collection trends
  • Billed vs. EVV comparative analysis
  • Scheduled vs. actual comparative analysis

Executive Module

Fuse BI provides weekly and monthly trends for better optimizing operational and financial performance, including:

  • Staff trends
  • Admissions trends
  • Census trends
  • Billing trends

Supporting Services

Paired with Fuse Homecare Agency Management, Fuse BI helps deliver exceptional care with greater efficiency and confidence.

With Fuse Agency Management, providers can significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks. This efficiency gain translates into more time for client care, better communication with staff, streamlined scheduling, enhanced collaboration with payers, improved compliance, and faster claim processing. Ultimately, Fuse enables agencies to focus on their core mission: making a positive impact on clients’ lives.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Seeing is believing, as they say. The Fuse BI tool helped us see monthly and weekly trends that we were missing before. With a few small changes, we made a BIG impact on our operational efficiency and our bottom line!”

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