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Sandata solutions make it easier for homecare providers, payers, and states to work together to increase compliance, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality care.

Sandata is the leader in data-powered homecare solutions. We founded the concept of Electronic Visit Verification and have been innovating and evolving ever since to ensure homecare providers, payers, and states can seamlessly work together to increase compliance, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality care.

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The Sandata Story

Sandata began in 1978 with an inspiration: an innovative way for state Medicaid agencies to get homecare right. Ever since then, we’ve been applying technology to make homecare more efficient, effective, and accountable. When the industry struggled with waste, fraud, and abuse, we invented Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) – providing the first reliable way to track and confirm the delivery of care and protect vulnerable populations. And we’ve been improving on that innovation ever since, even collaborating with federal lawmakers to sign an EVV mandate into law with the 21st Century Cures Act. Since then, we’ve developed a comprehensive platform for managing homecare agencies, pioneered mobile EVV, and introduced an aggregator system for states. And it doesn’t end there. We continue to offer new ways to help Medicaid work more efficiently and help patients receive higher-quality care.

Our Promise

We pledge to remain at the forefront of homecare, driving quality, efficiency, and outcomes across the continuum of care. It is our unrelenting mission to maximize the value of every in-home encounter, increase the efficiency of homecare providers, and integrate payers and providers to improve care delivery.

Leadership Team

Bringing innovative homecare solutions to market takes great people. Sandata is led by a team of experienced leaders, united in their commitment to continuously innovating and evolving our solutions to meet the challenging demands of all homecare stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Our Values


We are committed to providing solutions that benefit everyone: payers, providers, and participants.


We validate more than 200 million homecare visits annually, continuously delivering proven savings and ensuring patients are receiving needed care.


Our business is built on putting our clients first. It’s the reason we are able to proudly service thousands of clients across 50 states.


We create value for our clients by evolving our solutions, innovating new ideas and making significant investments in product development.


We exemplify teamwork in our operations and work to foster that
same collaboration and transparent communication among all homecare stakeholders.

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