Do right by everyone, right from the start.

Because at the end of the day, this isn’t about us.
It’s about getting care right for the people who need it.

The Sandata Story

Getting more right from the start since 1978

It all started when New York’s top home care tech provider discovered a new way to help state Medicaid agencies get home care right. Sandata had been helping clients run their home care agencies for more than 15 years, but without a reliable way to track the delivery of care, these providers struggled to ensure each patient received the right services, by the right person, at the right time. What’s more, by the early 90s, fraud, waste, and abuse were threatening the state’s most vulnerable populations.

So in 1994, Sandata invented electronic visit verification, a tracking tool that would ultimately curb the lack of transparency crippling the system. But we didn’t stop there. We became the first to bring to market tools that further improved EVV – such as mobile EVV and an aggregator system for states – and we even collaborated with federal lawmakers to sign an EVV mandate into law with the 21st Century Cures Act.

Today, we’ve helped more states than anyone roll out EVV successfully – but it’s only the beginning. In fact, we’re continuing to look for new ways to help Medicaid work more efficiently and help patients get higher quality care. And we believe it’s possible, when payers, providers, and people everywhere can get more right from the start.

Dedicated to Care

We are at the forefront of home care, driving quality, efficiency, and outcomes across the continuum of care. It is our mission to maximize the value of every in-home encounter, maximize the efficiency of home care providers, and integrate payers and providers to improve care delivery.

More Ready

…with a partner who can help you tackle the complexities of Medicaid, because they’ve already done it in the most challenging regulatory environments out there.

More Set

…with true interoperability that brings payers and providers closer together, regardless of which technology or billing system they use.

More Go

…from the people who have demonstrated innovation for over four decades and are already working on the solutions, you’ll need next.

Our Values

We provide solutions that benefit payers, providers, and participants.
We validate over 150 million home care visits annually with proven savings results.
We service over 3,500 clients across 50 states, with products in more than 400,000 homes daily.
We significantly invest in product development with all-payer, modular technology.
We build solutions that enable collaborative care and allow for transparent communications.

Because services delivered should equal care delivered.