Agency Management for I/DD

Get End-to-End Support Specifically Designed for I/DD Providers

Ever-changing regulations. Workforce shortages. Billing and payment headaches. Running an I/DD agency comes with a host of challenges. Spend more time on client support and less on administration with our industry-leading Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and I/DD agency management platform.

Comprehensive. Client-Centered. Team-Enhancing.

More complete team support

Your DSPs’ work becomes easier and more manageable with EVV streamlined data entry, clock time, billable/non-billable time recording, and easy-to-use scheduling.

Improved client support

We ensure your client care plans are followed and tracked. Your DSPs can easily look up information, check program plans, track ADLs, and log care notes. Supervisors and agency management benefit from simplified reporting, visual charting, automated notifications, and configurable workflows for incident management.

Worry-free billing

Our billing software validates that your claims for services provided are verified, within authorization limits, and formatted for payer compliance to reduce rejections and denials and maximize cash flow.

A Full-Featured Solution for I/DD Providers

Scalable, configurable, and compliant, our I/DD agency management solution checks all the boxes for every workflow and every aspect of your business.

Time Tracking, Staff Scheduling, and EVV

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based tool increases productivity for DSPs and managers.

  • Auto-scheduling to optimize labor utilization
  • Point-of-entry validation and built-in logic to eliminate common errors
  • Data integration to eliminate time-consuming data re-entry

Client Support

Nothing is left to chance. We ensure your I/DD clients get exactly the support they need and all incidents are recorded.

  • Program planning features to track plans, goals, and assessments and document results
  • Incident tracking features to capture details, injury/treatment information, and preventive actions
  • Data collection features record vitals, intakes/outputs, and more


Our billing software provides data needed to bill the right source, transfer hours and units to payroll, and compare contractual obligations to actual services provided.

  • Review of Billing Contract Utilization report to isolate funding deficiencies
  • Integration with Time Tracking software to catch, correct, and eliminate errors
  • Service Budget Utilization report to compare each individual service plan to actual services provided

Employee Care

Empower your staff with self-service options, electronic forms, and managing requirements. We also streamline applicant tracking and other human resources processes.

  • Employee requirements tracking to ensure DSPs are trained and credentialed
  • Training management to support in-house class registration, attendance, and results
  • Integration with Staff Scheduling to ensure the best-qualified staff are scheduled for each appointment


We support all payroll possibilities with features like unlimited, formula-based wage types, allocating payroll costs to multiple sites, programs, and individuals, and even batch processing of wages and reimbursements.

  • Support for agency-specific payroll needs and rules
  • A 24/7 Payroll Services Team to address issues and prevent interruptions
  • Integration with Time Tracking, Billing, Staff Scheduling, and Employee Care to streamline processes

Financial Suite

Our fully integrated solution enables you to easily manage accounts receivable, general ledger, and payables – all in one system.

  • Accounts Payable with audit support to incorporate the controls you need
  • Accounts Receivable with automatic functionality to reduce rekeying and speed invoicing
  • General Ledger with tailored financial reports and security and audit support to save time and safeguard data

Supporting Products & Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Our team boasts a 99.2% collection rate – no other service can claim the same. Discover how you can maximize revenue and collections, improve cash flow, and reduce cost – and, most importantly, gain valuable time to run your agency and provide great care.

Learn More

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Elevate your decision-making at every level with Fuse BI. Our dashboards offer strategic insights for executives and tactical information to promote informed decision-making at every level and ensure a seamless blend of strategic vision and operational efficiency.

Learn More

Medicaid Billing Services

Outsource care contract review and analysis, data entry, submission, and reconciliation.

Payroll Services

Outsource data entry and payroll processing with tax and garnishments management.

Why I/DD Agencies Choose Sandata

“Securing adequate funding and reimbursement for I/DD homecare services can be a constant challenge, particularly as financial constraints and changes in government policies continuously impact budgets. With Sandata RCM tools, our collection rate has tripled, and we have much more time to do the real work … providing great care!”

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