Fraud, Waste & Abuse Analytics

Sandata Fraud, Waste & Abuse Analytics: Transform Data Into Actionable Insights

Fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) billing practices pose a significant burden on healthcare expenditures, with estimates ranging from $68 billion to as high as $230 billion annually. The homecare services sector is particularly susceptible due to its distributed and remote nature. Sandata Fraud, Waste & Abuse Analytics use business intelligence-powered technology to monitor activity and trends and ensure the integrity of homecare services.

Detection. Correction. Prevention.

Detailed Visit Compliance Oversight

Sandata FWA Analytics provides insights into GPS visit logs and activities, identifying suspicious activities and compliance issues and mapping location discrepancies.

Provider Screening Dashboard

Sandata FWA Analytics compares names and addresses as they exist in the provider’s database to state and federal sanctions and exclusions lists. Dashboard summaries include sanction and visit details for effective screening, compliance, and risk mitigation.

Authorization Limit Monitoring

Sandata FWA Analytics highlights and displays providers exceeding authorization limits to facilitate compliance monitoring and management. It also identifies authorizations that have not been fully utilized.

Features That Inform
and Empower

Sandata FWA Analytics identifies and brings suspicious activity to your attention sooner and delivers supporting details that enable swift and effective remediation.

Business Intelligence-Powered Analytics

Sandata FWA Analytics sifts through data efficiently to highlight activities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Conflicting visits
  • Overlapping services
  • Authorization variances
  • Visit exceptions

Supporting Services

Fuse™ Agency Management

This next-level agency management solution blends best practices learned from supporting 20,000+ agencies with a sleek, reliable, user-friendly interface and intuitive, impactful interactions for an unparalleled agency experience.

  • Improve cash flow and reduce friction with a billing module that includes multi-payer claims submissions with a single click
  • Leverage AI for shift booking to improve workforce optimization and save valuable time
  • Meet care coordination goals with our enhanced clinical platform
  • Improve data accuracy, scalability, communication, and compliance with advanced integrations
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Sandata’s FWA Analytics dashboards provide not only peace of mind but assurance that nothing will get by us undetected.”

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