Tips and Tricks for Revenue Cycle Management Success for Providers

Providing the best care possible to your clients is your main priority as a home care or I/DD provider but operating within the industry can provide distractions that inevitably shift your focus away from your clients.

Many of the distractions providers face come from challenges unique to the industry, such as reimbursement pressure, billing complexities, payer diversity, regulatory and compliance requirements, and increasing operational costs. Unfortunately, these cannot be ignored, and they can very much affect your revenue and cash flow, which are critical to the success of your business.

So, how do you address these challenges?

In the webinar, Tips and Tricks for Revenue Cycle Management Success for Providers, National Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Phil Feldman, reviews how providers working with Medicaid and Managed Care Organizations may obtain the highest percentage of billing in the shortest timeline, as well as how to ensure claims are as clean as possible, and how to make claims follow-up consistent and timely—all with the goal of getting back to focusing on your clients.

Watch the video below to learn how engaging Revenue Cycle Management services is a proven way to maximize revenue and collections, accelerate cash flow, reduce cost, and allow you the time to focus on running your agency and caring for your clients.