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Sandata FuseTM Agency Management: Empower your agency to do more.

Homecare agency management is more challenging than ever. Workforce shortages and caregiver burnout cause stress, while inefficient scheduling and regulatory compliance increase administrative workload. On top of all that, the billing and payment issues never end. Building on decades of proven expertise with more than 20,000 homecare agencies, Fuse Agency Management meets all of your challenges head-on. It’s a next-level agency management solution that empowers you to do more.

Time-Saver. Revenue-Generator. Game-Changer.

Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Friction

Fuse features a new billing module – including multi-payer claims submissions with a single click – that simplifies reimbursement and increases speed to paid claims. Streamline operations with cohesive workflows, tighter integrations, and native capabilities.

Improve Workforce Optimization

Leverage AI-powered tools for shift booking to improve workforce optimization and save valuable time. Manage and communicate with your team while ensuring clients get the care they deserve. In-app training and enablement help ensure your team is always prepared.

Improve Data Accuracy & Scalability

Our advanced integrations for EVV, scheduling, billing, and more ensure a seamless flow of accurate information, reducing duplicate data entry and minimizing the risk of errors.

Supporting Products & Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Our team boasts a 99.7% collection rate; no other service can claim the same. Discover how you can maximize revenue and collections, improve cash flow, reduce cost, and – most importantly – gain valuable time to run your agency and provide great care.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Elevate your decision-making at every level with Fuse BI. Our dashboards offer strategic insights for executives and tactical information to promote informed decision-making at every level so you can ensure a seamless blend of strategic vision and operational efficiency.

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Electronic Visit Verification

For over four decades, Sandata has been the leader in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Our solutions easily capture all Cures Act compliance data elements and support collecting tasks, member verification, group visits, multiple languages, and service location input. Our multiple point-of-care solutions ensure EVV always takes place.

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Sandata Payroll

Sandata Payroll directly integrates with Fuse for seamless import of visit and pay details. An in-depth payroll review process alerts you to errors before processing, and support is included for online and mobile access to statements, W2s, and flexible payment options.

Sandata Point-of-Care

Take advantage of our easy-to-use data collection and remote chart access tool. Your team can collect clinical and non-clinical information – right at the point of care – to streamline processes, minimize inconsistencies and errors, and eliminate time wasted on paper forms and charts. Real-time messaging and tracking enhance communication among caregivers, the agency, and physicians.

Why Homecare Agencies Choose Sandata

“We are way more than a time stamp. We are a team dedicated to optimizing your workforce, maximizing revenue and collections, accelerating cash flow, reducing costs, and ensuring you have the capacity to focus on providing exceptional care to your clients.”

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