Revenue Cycle Management

Improve Efficiency and Cash Flow With Sandata Revenue Cycle Management

Poor billing processes. Disjointed details. Missing integration. Accident overserving. Billing denials. These ongoing challenges of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) are exacerbated when you’re dealing with value-based payments, forced consolidation, consumer-directed care, increased payer diversity, and mandated process and technology changes. Sandata RCM is a proven way to maximize revenue and collections, improve cash flow, reduce cost, and allow you
the time to focus on running your agency and caring for
your clients.

Lower Overhead. Fewer Denials. More Payments.

Maximize revenue and collections

Sandata achieves 99.7% payment results, enabling you to collect aged receivables to boost your top and bottom lines and increase profitability.

Reduce cost

When you choose Sandata to handle RCM, you can lower your overhead and resource costs for revenue management while freeing resources to focus more
on agency management and
client care.

Minimize claim denials and rejections

We understand what payers are looking for because we have direct relationships with many of them. Sandata’s RCM solution identifies issues and problem areas that can result in claim denials. It ensures that contracts are set up properly to eliminate overbilling.

An RCM Solution Built Expressly for Homecare Agencies

At Sandata, we understand the homecare agency business, so we designed our RCM solution to act as a seamless extension of your business. Its features and functionality were built from the start to support the entire homecare revenue cycle. Best of all, our RCM solution is available to any homecare agency – not just users of our agency management solution.

Contract Management

We maintain contracts in the system, ensuring contracts are built correctly and payer rates are accurate, and provide recommendations to keep rates cost-effective.

  • Improved claims accuracy with clean and timely submissions
  • Maximized revenue and faster reimbursement
  • Under-payment analysis and recovery

Claims and Rejection Management

We review authorizations to prevent claims denials and take care of rejection resolutions and resubmissions.

  • Reduced authorization denials
  • Fewer claims delays to the payer
  • Faster turnaround for cash flow

Payment Posting

We post payments electronically to reduce errors, perform daily reconciliation to confirm payment receipt, and identify recoupments and payment trends.

  • Improved AR accuracy
  • Quicker resolution of cash flow anomalies


We monitor claims aging reports, identify root causes of denials, handle appeals and recovery, track your performance, and host weekly/ biweekly AR meetings.

  • Increased cash flow and revenue
  • Minimized outstanding AR and claims
  • Improved communication to support success
  • Faster identification of claims-related issues

Why Homecare Agencies Choose Sandata

“Sandata RCM has been very responsive and works aggressively to collect unpaid claims.”

Jeffrey Maynard, Chief Financial Officer,
Family Home Care and Care at Home

“We outsourced to Sandata RCM, and our cash flow improved significantly in 60 days. They resolved aged receivables and current billing issues, and we are getting paid much more quickly and at a higher percentage of what we bill than we did in the past. The Sandata RCM team actively engages with me and my staff and helps us through any new issues that arise.”

Jenny Chan, President,
ABC Health Services Registry, Inc.

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We Deliver on RCM So You Can Deliver for Your Clients

With Sandata RCM, you can put your billing issues behind you and focus on what you do best, delivering quality care.

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