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As the leader in data-powered homecare solutions, Sandata empowers homecare providers, payers, and states by improving communications, reducing inefficiencies, facilitating workflows, and delivering comprehensive insights across the homecare continuum.

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An Innovator
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Sandata first earned its position as the technology leader in homecare solutions when we pioneered Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in 1994. Year after year, we continue to add to that leadership by innovating new solutions that make it easier and more efficient for provider agencies, MCOs, and states to ensure vulnerable populations receive the care they need.

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Leading the Way: Transformative Solutions for Top-Tier Care and Financial Success

For Homecare Agencies

Built for homecare. Inspired by agencies like yours. Fuse is the modern, scalable agency management platform that distills decades of expertise and best practices into a sleek, user-friendly interface for an unparalleled agency experience. Empower your agency to increase cash flow, reduce friction, and improve data accuracy, scalability, communication, and compliance.

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For I/DD Agencies

In tune with your agency. In sync with your aspirations. Transform your agency’s challenges into opportunities with the most comprehensive suite of solutions available. Streamline administration, optimize your workforce, boost financial health, and simplify compliance.

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For Managed Care Organizations

Your MLTSS program. Powered by our expertise. Elevate your plan’s value and member satisfaction with our integrated homecare platform that seamlessly connects Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), homecare providers, and states to improve communications, reduce inefficiencies, facilitate workflows, and deliver comprehensive insights across the homecare continuum.

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For States

Guide Medicaid success. Amplify your impact. With over 23 state Medicaid contracts and growing, our proven solutions are a testament to our commitment to Medicaid excellence. We empower your program by seamlessly connecting you with providers, streamlining processes, and expertly navigating regulatory landscapes. Our approach maximizes resource efficiency, addresses regulatory and compliance challenges, and ensures that every dollar enhances the quality of care delivered.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

You concentrate on delivering great care. We’ll ensure you get paid. In the ever-evolving, complex world of RCM, our skilled team is your steadfast ally. Achieving industry-leading payment success rates, we not only streamline your cash flow and cut down costs but also free you up to focus on what matters most – running your agency and caring for your clients. Experience the difference of a top-tier RCM service where excellence is not just a goal but a daily reality.

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Who We Help

We serve the needs of organizations across the homecare ecosystem. Discover more about what we can do to support your work.

  • Homecare Agencies
  • I/DD Agencies
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • States
  • Caregivers
Who We Help
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“If I can establish a need, and there’s a logical solution to meeting that need, the chances are Sandata will do it.”

Susan Kildahl,
Chief Financial Officer at NHS Northstar

Thought Leadership


Workforce Enablement When Caregiver Turnover Is High

With caregiver turnover rates going up after 2 years of decline, caregiver retention is critical to your business. The challenge of caregiver turnover in homecare is an ongoing concern that requires proactive and thoughtful solutions.


Redefining Homecare Excellence: Sandata Leads with Innovative Pre-Adjudication Claims Management Solution

Elevating industry standards, Sandata’s pioneering solution enhances payment accuracy and fraud protection while optimizing processes in homecare services.


The “Ins and Outs” of Insourcing vs Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Part 3 – Outsourcing Vendor Management and Analysis

The outsourcing process is an ongoing loop that involves working with your vendor partner to optimize your revenue cycle from assessment of needs through feedback on the outcomes of actions taken.

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Let's Transform How Care Is Delivered

Collaborate more with staff and partners, get paid faster, and provide exceptional care. Let us show you how.

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