Case Story: Bushwick Stuyvesant Heights Home Attendants

Watch our interview with Curt Jackson, Executive Director of Bushwick Stuyvesant Heights Home Attendants, above!

New York City was originally a single-payer environment for Medicaid services—HRA. The billing was largely automated and simple, with quick payment turnaround, but when New York moved to a managed care environment, the reimbursement process became infinitely more complex, and like many providers, Bushwick Stuyvesant Home Attendants, Inc. struggled to bill and get paid. They brought in Sandata Revenue Cycle Management and their reimbursement situation completely changed.   

“I had a huge receivable that was due that never got paid, but that turned around when we engaged Sandata RCM,” said Curt Jackson, Executive Director of Bushwick Stuyvesant Heights Home Attendants. “They have helped us go from about 65% collections to 99%—a huge transformation from where we were to where we are today, and Sandata continues to evolve to make it easier for us.”  

“They go after the money—I can attest to that—they do not allow anything to slip, even if it’s $500, they go after it. And it’s not just collecting revenue, but tools like time tracking, that ensure I don’t schedule overtime, help across the organization.”  

As far as those impacts across the organization, Jackson spoke to the support he receives outside revenue collection. “We get great advice from Sandata outside of the RCM scope. They provide guidance and a different perspective. I’ve experienced their kindness and results. I can pick up the phone and ask for advice on anything—if I have a concern about the data I’m seeing, they are there with an answer.”  

When asked if the organization had considered other avenues, like establishing an internal finance department, Jackson could not be more confident in Sandata. “They are a partner that wants to see us succeed. I have been approached by other vendors trying to get our business but there’s no comparison. Sandata RCM is and has been a lifesaver for Bushwick Stuyvesant Heights.”  

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