Employee Spotlight: Kelly Burgess

Each month, we interview a Sandata employee who lives the Sandata mission—to continuously improve healthcare with the most innovative technology. This month we spoke with Kelly Burgess, Vice President of I/DD Provider Sales, who has been with Sandata for 5 years.

Before you started at Sandata, what attracted you to the company?

I loved the mission that Sandata was on, to provide a quality product that ultimately helps improve the quality-of-care individuals receive. I live in an area that supports a couple of wonderful providers that I had done some volunteer work with over the years, so knowing I could help ensure the people I was working with on those volunteer projects got the care they needed was really cool.

What experiences with healthcare, home care, or I/DD informed your choice to work at Sandata?

I had absolutely zero work experience in any healthcare related fields before I joined Sandata, but I saw how impactful the products they offered were and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join in. My best friend also worked here and hearing her tell me how she felt like she was making a difference in lives of really special individuals was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Can you please share your personal story or connection to the industry?

I have a sister that receives services from a provider in Ohio and as the older sister, I got to see her have one school to go to when she was younger and not many options for a job afterward. Thankfully, our community was great, and she was able to participate in so many things growing up, including the high school band. She never played an instrument, but her dedication to loading and unloading equipment and being at every game earned her a varsity letter! Best day ever! Today, she has a job, gets respite support when my parents need a weekend away and is thriving in life!

How do you personally live the Sandata mission?

I feel like I have lived this way for most of my life. I have been/still am a parent, a coach, a teacher, a people leader, a manager, and a friend, and if I didn’t think everything I did mattered, I wouldn’t have found success in each of these areas. Well—my kids might feel different about my parenting skills, but I feel good about the rest! We, as people, have the ability to impact individuals every single day—whether it’s saying thank you, holding open a door or simply complimenting someone—you have no idea what impact you might have. I have taught my kids the value of a compliment and how impactful that can be and have heard them share compliments out of nowhere that truly made that person feel special. And honestly, you never know who’s watching you which truly makes everything we do matter!