Streamlining Home Care and I/DD Agency Payroll

Home care and ID/D agencies need to guarantee their employees get paid on time and for the correct amount of time each and every week. It takes both the company and the employee to ensure accurate and timely payments. Employees must submit accurate timesheets on time to ensure a smooth and quick process. Then the payroll department needs to make sure they give themselves enough time to collect, verify, and input information into the payroll system. The efficiency of this process depends on the number of people who are helping with the process, how many employees are on the payroll, and how user-friendly the payroll system is.

It can be a long and complicated process, but there is an easier way to process payroll. Today’s software technology has made it easy to streamline the payroll process by integrating your current payroll system with other agency mangement systems such as time tracking, attendance, and scheduling.

Helpful tips:

  • Evaluate your current process, figure out what is working and what needs to be changed. Determine how long it takes your staff to process payroll. When do timesheets need to be submitted? How are they being submitted? Are they being submitted on time? Are they accurate? Are they legible? Is your process easy or time-consuming?
  • How many manual processes are being used? Is payroll still being done by hand or in Excel? Are papers being mailed in, faxed in, emailed, or walked into the office? Where is all this paper being stored? What happens if you lose the paper timesheet? What happens if you enter the wrong information?

An integrated and cost effective software solution for managing time and attendance and payroll is important in streamlining business processes. When you choose a home care management software that includes payroll, scheduling, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), and billing, you can:

  1. Increase productivity for quicker reimbursements: electronic time sheets reduce internal staff labor of having to track, collect, verify and enter data manually
  2. Easier audit process: access to reports, analytical data and ability to create data extracts
  3. Protect your agency from the risk of fraud, payment denials and penalties: validate visits in real-time and receive alerts for late and missed visits
  4. Remain compliant and up to date on Federal and State labor regulations
  5. Reduce the amount of checks: employees can have options with direct deposit and debit cards

Choose a home care or I/DD agency management software that includes a payroll module so your employees can focus on what matters most – the care of your valued patients.

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