Partnering with I/DD Providers on Service Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

I/DD providers around the country are searching for answers as they continue responding to a rapidly-changing environment. With a focus on staff and client safety, while still offering a high quality of care, there are five ways to manage service risk mitigation and business continuity.

  1. Billing and Payroll Contingency Service
    Many I/DD agencies are dealing with changes in staff availability and roles, sometimes without much notice. Billing and payroll contingency services give providers peace of mind that with just a quick phone call, important business functions can continue running smoothly while they focus on providing essential services. With a team waiting in the wings, it is only a 1-2 day uptime to implement services so providers don’t miss a beat.
  2. Paperless Time Tracking
    Providers have found that making the decision to go paperless is a way to keep service running while reducing the chance of passing the COVID-19 virus. With a user-friendly time tracking module, providers can manage everything digitally, including easily making adjustments when needed. Less paper for staff to exchange and better billability as an outcome; it’s a win-win for the organization.
  3. Paperless Staff Scheduling
    In limiting unnecessary interactions, many providers are closing administrative offices. This causes an extra hassle for teams using an offline schedule process. With a paperless staff scheduling module, providers can manage schedules online. It includes an available shifts board (based on given shift requirements) to give more autonomy to employees while managers take on a monitoring role.
  4. Client Care from Anywhere
    Providers add flexibility to their teams without risking accuracy and consistency with Solana’s Client Care 2.0. Teams can easily access client care plans online – no papers or folders needed – which makes it a snap to change assignments, update client details, and not have information get stuck with just one person.
  5. Tracing Reports
    In a situation like COVID-19 , it is incredibly helpful to have access tracing reports so providers can easily send out notifications of presumed positive cases as quickly as possible. While timely in today’s climate, it’s also helpful with other infectious diseases such as flu, chickenpox, and more.

With an end-to-end agency management system or key software modules, I/DD agencies across the county are solving their biggest challenges, improving business operational continuity, and mitigating operational risk.

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