Simplifying the process of managing caregiver scheduling and filling available shifts

Running a home care agency is not an easy task…especially when it comes to managing your caregivers’ schedules, constant changing availability, short notice call-outs, and trying to minimize overtime pay. Historically, finding available (not to mention compatible) caregivers to fill a shift is extremely time-consuming. The cycle seems never-ending: call caregiver after caregiver, leave voicemails, repeat the shift details, hang up and repeat…

Sandata has partnered with CareConnect to offer a revolutionary new way to improve scheduling and communication with field staff. The CareConnect mobile application (available for Apple and Android devices) works in combination with the Sandata Agency Management solution to increase operational efficiencies for schedulers, caregivers, and owners/operators of a home care agency.

Scheduler benefits:

  • Fill more shifts with less effort/time
  • HIPAA compliant in-app chat messaging
  • Find the best possible client/caregiver pairings
  • Target your lowest cost, most compatible caregivers
  • Control which caregivers are invited to each available shift
  • Broadcast real-time shift invitations and receive real-time requests for work
  • Assign and confirm shifts with a single click of your mouse

Caregiver benefits:

  • Shift invitations are sent in real-time, allowing caregivers to easily accept or decline shift
  • Missing a call no longer means missing an opportunity to accept work
  • Shift reminders – alerts for upcoming shifts
  • Secure messaging- communicate with agency staff
  • Get directions to the next shift straight from the app, avoiding the need to call a scheduler
  • Manage all upcoming shifts in an easy-to-use interface

Agency benefits:

  • Reduce overtime pay
  • Reduce travel and mileage expense with proximity searching
  • Reduce overhead –  Schedulers can manage a higher client to scheduler ratio
  • Reduce caregiver turn-over and recruitment costs by maximizing hours within the existing caregiver pool

To learn more about how Sandata Agency Management + CareConnect are improving the process of scheduling and reducing fees for the home healthcare industry, please contact 1-800-544-7263 x1204 or

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