Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology

Improve employee productivity and retention with the use of technology

Employees are your most valuable asset, wouldn’t you agree?  Without their hard work, dedication, and commitment to your clients, it would be pretty difficult to run a successful business.  For provider agencies, both the office and field staff play a crucial role in ensuring patients are being properly cared for.  Your patients deserve the best quality of care, and that starts with the person providing services.  There’s a saying, treat others how you want to be treated, and that goes for your employees too.  After all, they’re the backbone of your business.

So, how can you show your appreciation and maintain their commitment?  You can start by providing your office staff with a software solution that helps streamline their daily activities; including onboarding, authorization management, scheduling, HR/compliance management, billing, payroll, and cash application.  Evaluate your current processes and identify what is working and what could be done better.  Try to automate as much as possible to eliminate the labor-intensive burdens and the chance for errors.  This not only benefits the employee, but it allows you to run a successful business.

The same applies for your field staff.  Every agency leader wants to provide staff with the tools that will make their jobs easier and more effective.  Technology plays a significant role in monitoring the delivery of services, schedules, and how they’re paid.  Utilizing an electronic system for end-to-end automation can increase overall productivity.  Utilizing one system is a game changer. Everything is done in near real-time which allows your agency to get reimbursed quicker, and your staff to get paid quicker.

With good reason, Payroll is an extremely important matter for your staff.  With Sandata’s Payroll module powered by Paypro, your employees can easily view their paystubs and W2’s online as well as see the shift detail they are being paid for during each payroll period printed right on each earning statement.  To best meet the needs of your entire workforce, Sandata offers flexible payment options such as direct deposit, hard checks and debit cards.

As a trusted leader in the industry, Sandata offers home care providers a suite of software solutions, including Santrax® EVV, the premier 21st Century Cures Act compliant visit verification solution, and Santrax Agency Management.  Find out more about Sandata and its integrated solutions, call 1-800-544-7263 x1204.