Staffing Stability: How to Attract & Engage Employees

We have all heard about the Great Resignation recently, and you probably have first-hand experience trying to keep your agency staffed. The I/DD industry alone has suffered from some of the highest employee turnover in the past decade, with caregiver turnover rates near 70%.

Not only is the lost productivity and engagement a liability to your organization, but the cost to your clients is often overlooked. When relationships are not sustained, it can lead to a sense of abandonment for the client and their family. So, how can you not only attract the right employees, but also keep them on board?

What do you tell the world about who you are as an organization? What makes you a unique and exciting place to work?

Why does your company exist? What value do you bring to the marketplace that makes you stand out against other employers?

Why should potential employees (and customers!) look to you for guidance or expertise?

How are you gauging employee satisfaction? Are HR and management using your brand identity to its fullest during hiring, reviews, and training?

VIP Treatment
From welcome packages for new employees to regularly scheduled meetups and swag bags, there are simple ways to show you care for those on the frontlines of your business. This also includes wellness efforts like health screenings and flu shots, as well as vacation stipends to encourage work-life balance.

The good news is that we have done the homework for you—our two free eBooks below expand on these topics to help you decrease turnover and increase employee attraction. Learn how to position your agency to better serve your employees through brand strategy, and culture adjustments now!


Reduce Employee Turnover with I/DD Staffing Stability

Learn how to position your I/DD agency to better serve your employees through brand strategy, culture adjustments, and EVV™ implementation.


Workforce Enablement When Caregiver Turnover Is High

With caregiver turnover rates going up after 2 years of decline, caregiver retention is critical to your business. The challenge of caregiver turnover in homecare is an ongoing concern that requires proactive and thoughtful solutions.