Order Manager

Looking for seamless, end-to-end collaboration with providers in your network? Sandata partners with MCOs across the country to do so and can help you, too.

Sandata Order Manager expedites the distribution of member cases, improving home care service delivery for your members. Using its web-based, HIPAA compliant portal, the automated process eliminates the need to call or fax information to providers, enabling real-time correspondence between you and your provider network, addressing the need for more efficient and effective communications. This real-time communication also addresses the pain point for providers of having constant accessibility to you, the payer.

Intelligent Order Routing & Distribution

Benefit: Eliminates cumbersome tracking spreadsheets, lengthy phone calls, and endless “phone tag” by automatically identifying and digitally broadcasting orders to the best matching, most responsive providers.

Outcomes: Place orders 5X faster than traditional phone and fax processes.  Reduce time to first provider visit by 30%.

HIPAA Secure Messaging

Benefit: Eliminates lengthy phone calls for follow-ups/case inquiries by securely messaging with your provider network in real-time.

Outcomes: Track communication of follow-ups/case inquiries and reduce staff time.

Seamless Integration

Benefit: Eliminates double data entry by electronically transferring data from your case management system.

Outcomes: Provides validity of data and reduction of staff time.

Case Placements

Benefit: Eliminate case placements to those providers who are always declining or not responding to cases.

Outcomes: Improves member matching based on provider capabilities and interests.

Secure Attachments

Benefit: Eliminates the need for post mailing or faxing documents by securely attaching pertinent documents in real-time.

Outcomes: Track pertinent documents were provided and confirmed by the provider.

Robust Audit Log

Benefit: Track all updates/changes to member or auth details

Outcomes: Provides transparency and a defense of record for compliance purposes; provides system protection of misuse or harm, as well as security of vital information

The State of Maine Achieves CMS Certification

The State of Maine Achieves CMS Certification

Sandata congratulates the State of Maine on achieving certification by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS certification uses an outcomes-based approach to ensure business needs of the state and CMS are meet by systems that receive federal...

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