Innovation and Customer Service to I/DD Customers Remain Priority Following Solana Acquisition

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There are many different paths to take following an acquisition of one company by another. When Sandata completes the acquisition, success follows for everyone involved. In the case of acquiring Solana, the integration of two leading organizations has further increased the commitment to customers. Decades of work on innovation and service have already been amplified, and intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) providers are feeling the benefits.

“It is imperative for providers to know they are partnering with organizations that not only offer stability for the long-term but also innovation,” said Shannon Bock, Executive Director at Creative Care for Reaching Independence (CCRI). “With Sandata we have confidence we can grow together.”

“CCRI is a long-term customer of Solana’s and recognizes the value of our products. They continue to invest in our newest technologies, such as our recently launched Employee Care,” said Doug Nafziger, previously Solana’s CEO and now Executive Vice President at Sandata. “As part of Sandata, we have extended resources available to us to continue adding new features to Employee Care. That’s very assuring to customers like CCRI.”

Success starts with Sandata’s core values: integrity, accountability, innovation, and teamwork. As a customer-centric company, the team is not only expected to collaborate this way internally, but also in the way it interacts with each and every customer. When Sandata acquired Solana in 2020, the same mentality and approach applied to the incoming team and customers. “Having over 280 people available to support the client base provides a level of scale that will benefit clients and prospects alike,” Nafziger added.

Sandata has prioritized taking great care of incoming Solana customers following the transition. “We’re aware that providers with long-standing relationships in place can feel concerned by changes like this,” said Tom Underwood, Sandata CEO. “We have a commitment to show these providers and the individuals they serve that it’s good to be part of the Sandata family. Our customers are top priority and have been for the decades we have been in business.”

Sandata is proactively making a national effort to reach the I/DD market with effective tools, systems, and services. The strong investment in this market will allow us to be the market leader.

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