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Improve workflow, increase transparency, and ensure quality care with software designed for Managed Care Organizations

  • EVV – supports end-to-end Electronic Visit Verification, including data aggregation and claims validation.
  • Automates manual and time-consuming care coordination processes and decreases the time required to connect providers to your members.
  • Provides visibility into program data, increases accountability, and improves performance and patient care.

More Advantages Right From the Start

Easier compliance

by partnering with the team that invented EVV and has more successful implementations than anyone in the industry – we know what project success requires.


Gain efficiencies

by eliminating the need for manual processes, decreasing the time to first provider visit, and allowing real-time collaboration with providers.

Improve visibility and oversight

by improving accountability and providing robust data and analytics to inform financial decisions and improve patient care.

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Software Solutions for Managed Care Organizations

How much time is your staff spending on tedious manual processes? How quickly are you able to assign the right providers to care for your members?  Are you able to easily validate provider claims against EVV data before payment?  Do you have program data that provides transparency into your operations to make informed business and care decisions?  Having a comprehensive software solution that connects you and your providers will save you time, money, and concern.

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More Ready. More Set. More Go.

For over 40 years we have been working with Medicaid payers and providers. We invented Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and have implemented more Medicaid programs than anyone else. Our experience with both payers and providers allows us to uniquely understand the organizational needs of both so that they can work better together to meet the needs of your members.

Making it Easier From Day One

Sandata’s software and services are designed to make it as simple as possible for payers and providers to work together, achieving operational efficiencies and increasing compliance, while also ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care possible by streamlining internal processes and software systems.

Step 1

Work with the Sandata team to design the right solution for your organization.

Step 2

Deploy the Sandata solution and train with our experienced team.

Step 3

Enjoy the easier process of payers and providers working together.

Here’s How it Works for Managed Care Organizations

MCO’s are facing many challenges: the complexities of Medicaid, shrinking margins, outdated processes, keeping patients safe and in their homes, and so much more. Sandata’s solution for MCO’s enables you to integrate processes and streamline workflows, reducing the friction between you and your providers. Our end-to-end software has helped more than 50 MCO’s in 18 states improve processes, manage costs, and provide program analytics to understand and fix the challenges they face in the complex healthcare system.

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It’s getting EVV from the people who invented EVV.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.