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Is your agency management software working for you, or against you? 

Sandata offers a full agency management solution specifically tailored to home health care agency needsoffering administrative support, efficiency, and compliance. Just think of what you could achieve if you were able to:  

  • Consolidate your processes and all lines of business into one easy-to-use, comprehensive solution. 
  • Work with a top-notch implementation team to configure software that will meet your specific business needs. 
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency without compromising quality of care  

What does comprehensive agency management look like? It is managing your agency all from one platform, without having to piece together data and information to run your business. Stop doing extra work and find your way to increased profitability, better quality of care and confidence in your compliance.  

Are you ready for more than EVV? 

EVV Beyond Compliance

Sandata’s Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV)

EVV is a system that uses electronic methods to verify the validity of home care visits. Sandata understands the home care industry and is committed to advancing the quality of care by offering time- and money-saving solutions to every level of home care provider. With over 40 years of experience offering home care solutions to more than 15,000 agencies, 21 state payers, and 50 managed care organizations, Sandata has a deep understanding of EVV integration and the importance of compliance.

Are you ready for EVV and value-based care?

With Sandata Agency Management, home care providers can expect to benefit from:


Client and Staff Management

Demographic information, authorization data, referral source tracking, etc. 


Billing/Cash Application

Electronically bill and apply cash, saving hours of manual effort.


Plan of Care

Allows for the caregiver to document tasks performed at the point of service and capture the client signature on the device, eliminating the burden of paper tracking. 


Payroll Calculation

Generate gross payroll data as an extract file. We also offer Sandata Payroll, a fully integrated payroll solution designed specifically for home care agencies.


Integrated Electronic Visit Verification™

Real-time access into visit data via mobile/GPS or telephony.


Supports Multiple Lines of Business

Including Medicaid, commercial payers, Medicare, and private duty.



Easy, customizable module to track HR and compliance requirements, integrated exclusion verifications, and e-Learning (optional). 



Real-time visibility into open shifts means fewer unstaffed schedules, reduction in overtime expenses, and a HIPAA compliant messaging platform to communicate with the field caregivers.

With over 40 years supporting provider agencies across the country, Sandata brings the experience, innovation, and customer-centric approach that makes it possible for agencies to get more right from the start.

With Sandata, You Get More Right From the Start

Step 1

Work with the Sandata team to design the right solution for your organization.

Step 2

Deploy the Sandata solution and train with our experienced team.

Step 3

Enjoy the easier process of payers and providers working together.

Here’s How it Works for Home Care Providers

If you work in home care, you know how costly it can be to maintain compliance, to deal with inefficiencies, and to manage a team. The biggest of all is the human cost, the reason we are all in the business of home care. Giving great care is paramount and we’re here to keep it your focus while we provide the tools for everything else. Are you struggling with EVV implementation in order to be Cures compliant? We can get you on the right track. Do you spend too much time scheduling staff? We can optimize that. Does your payroll system operate in a silo, causing more administrative inefficiencies? We can get your team working with the big picture. Most of all, we will partner with you as your organization grows, making sure you are consistent in your compliance and able to focus on giving great care.

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Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.