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Is your agency management software working for you, or against you? 

Managing an I/DD agency is no small task. To serve an industry full of heart and ever-changing regulations, Sandata offers a full agency management solution specifically designed for I/DD that creates efficiency and supports compliance.

  • Consolidate your processes into an easy-to-use, robust software platform that integrates with other systems.
  • Receive proper training and a knowledgeable customer service team to support you.
  • Find the efficiencies and regulatory compliance you are looking for without compromising quality of care.

What does full agency management look like? It’s making all the most critical areas of your agency work well together. No more piecing together information and hunting for insights. Stop doing extra work to make up for what a patchwork of solutions lacks. Find your way to more profitability, better quality of care, and confidence in your compliance.

Are you ready for more than EVV? 

EVV Beyond Compliance

Sandata’s Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV)

EVV is a system that uses electronic methods to verify the validity of home care visits. Sandata understands the home care industry and is committed to advancing the quality of care by offering time- and money-saving solutions to every level of home care provider. With over 40 years of experience offering home care solutions to more than 15,000 agencies, 21 state payers, and 50 managed care organizations, Sandata has a deep understanding of EVV integration and the importance of compliance.

Improving DSP Tenure with Data-Driven Results

With Sandata Agency Management, I/DD providers can expect to benefit from:


Time Tracking and Staff Scheduling

21st Century Cures Act Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capable tool where staff can enjoy streamlined data entry, clock time, record billable and/or non-billable time with individuals, and view/maintain schedules.

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Client Care

Have all your client information, program planning, and incidents managed in a single spot, visible from a customizable dashboard.

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By integrating with time tracking, you can isolate funding discrepancies, maximize contracted services, and improve cash flow.

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Employee Care

Empower staff with self-service options, electronic forms, and managing requirements. Here, applicant tracking and other human resources processes get streamlined.

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Sandata’s payroll is designed for all payroll possibilities with features like unlimited, formula-based wage types, allocating payroll costs to numerous sites, locations, programs and individuals, and even batch processing of wages and reimbursements.

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Financial Suite

Managing accounts receivable, general ledger, and payables in one system has never been easier with our fully integrated solution, which includes customized reports.

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What bundle helps solve your agency’s key problems?

We package our modules together to help eliminate your administrative hassle so you can focus on giving exceptional care.

I/DD Bundles

With over 40 years of supporting provider agencies across the country, Sandata brings the experience, innovation, and customer-centric approach that makes it possible for agencies to get more right from the start.

Already have agency management or looking for another supporting solution to build efficiency within your business operations? 

With Sandata, You Get More Right From the Start

Step 1

Work with the Sandata team to design the right solution for your organization.

Step 2

Deploy the Sandata solution and train with our experienced team.

Step 3

Enjoy the easier process of payers and providers working together.

Here’s How it Works for I/DD Providers

We know I/DD providers are dedicated to the people they serve. Your time is precious, and at Sandata, we don’t think you should use it fighting technology. While we can’t take the administrative part out of your processes, we can make it a hassle-free part of your day by offering you software that is built for providers just like you. Working with guardians? We can help you make them part of the process. Adjusting to life with EVV? We can make that easier and more comprehensive. Using multiple locations, group settings, and ratios in your billing? We can configure that for you so the way you operate in person is matched with the way you operate with technology. Most of all, we will partner with you as your organization grows, making sure you are consistently able to eliminate administrative hassles and focus on giving great care.

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Case Story: Pleasant View, Inc.

Case Story: Pleasant View, Inc.

“We were manually calculating and importing our time tracking. It was taking us up to three days to complete payroll every two weeks. And, even though the employee who handled this is incredibly detail-oriented, it’s a given that with that much information being...

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Do right by caregivers,
right from the start.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.