VirtualHealth Partners with Sandata Technologies to Reimagine Community-Based Healthcare Delivery

The combination of VirtualHealth’s next generation care management technology and Sandata’s point-of-care solution is a ground-breaking step in making healthcare more proactive


New York – February 2, 2021 – VirtualHealth, provider of HELIOS®, the leading SaaS care management platform and Sandata Technologies, a leading national provider of home care technology solutions today announced a new partnership to enhance the care experience for populations across the country.


Together, VirtualHealth and Sandata offer payers a comprehensive solution to ensure that care managers and home care providers are working in tandem – inside and outside of the home – to optimize outcomes. The HELIOS platform empowers healthcare staff with clinical and non-clinical health data from across the healthcare continuum, which enables the timely identification, selection, and authorization of needed services. The partnership will create a seamless, bi-directional flow of data between HELIOS and Sandata’s point-of-care solution for home care providers, ensuring that providers have information at their fingertips to optimally provide services while sending back valuable social determinant data about each patient – offering unique insights that are only available by visiting the patient in their home.


“By integrating Sandata’s on-the-ground insights with VirtualHealth’s industry leading care management workflows, we’ve developed a transformational solution for plans to more holistically care for patients in the community,” said Tom Underwood, CEO of Sandata. “As the number of elderly and patients that require home services grows, it will become even more crucial that payers equip providers with the right data to maximize the care experience.”


Sandata, which serves 50 Medicaid MCOs and more than 15,000 providers across the country, helps payers automate the remote acquisition of service data by capturing time, attendance, and visit information entered by the home care worker at the point-of-care. Importantly, care workers can also leverage Sandata’s tools to document real-time information about the patient’s home environment and indicators of physical and mental health.


“VirtualHealth’s mission is to make healthcare more proactive through technology, and the patient’s home is ground zero for capturing up-to-the-minute insights that enable us to prevent the next adverse outcome,” said Adam Sabloff, CEO of VirtualHealth. “Our partnership with Sandata closes the loop in the payer, provider, and patient nexus, and not only ensures needed services are delivered but also brings back key insights to our care teams and automated clinical intelligence systems, resulting in better health outcomes and lower costs.”


By ingesting clinical, behavioral, and social data, the VirtualHealth HELIOS platform enables providers and care managers to more proactively care for patients’ health and reduce the risk of costly medical emergencies. Through the platform’s telehealth capabilities, HELIOS Visit, members can also connect with their care managers via secure videoconference and chat.


For more information about the partnership, please click here to contact VirtualHealth or Sandata, respectively.


About VirtualHealth HELIOS® by VirtualHealth is the first comprehensive care management platform purpose-built to power the entire ecosystem of value-based care. Utilized by some of the most innovative health plans in the country to manage millions of members, HELIOS streamlines person-centered care with intelligent case, disease, and utilization management workflows, unmatched data integration, broad-spectrum collaboration, patient engagement, and configurable analytics and reporting. Named one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte in 2018 and 2019, VirtualHealth empowers healthcare organizations to achieve enhanced outcomes, while maximizing efficiency, improving transparency, and lowering costs. For more information, visit


About Sandata Technologies
Sandata Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of home care solutions that enable government agencies, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and home care providers to manage and optimize the delivery of home care services. Sandata’s suite of solutions offers its 15,000+ agencies, 18 state Medicaid agencies, and 50+ MCOs with tools and capabilities to advance quality of care and improve patient and client outcomes. Sandata’s solutions support 2.1 million patients and over 8,000,000 monthly visits, providing value for all constituents across the home care continuum.

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