Agency Management Tools For

I/DD Providers

Sandata IDD

Eliminate administrative hassles and focus on great care with software designed for I/DD providers

  • End-to-end system covers clients, staff, and finance
  • Addresses I/DD providers’ greatest needs
  • Innovative functionality developed for the I/DD industry

Are you ready for more than EVV? 

EVV Beyond Compliance

Making It Easier From Day One

With a scalable solution designed to support your long-term growth.

Get paid accurately and on time

With cleaner claims and fewer denials – all while relieving administrative burdens

Accelerate cash flow and drive efficiencies

Agency-wide by automating caregiver shift scheduling, billing and payroll


Check every compliance box

With thorough documentation in one comprehensive, connected system

Future-proof your quality of care

By giving your system the flexibility to accommodate new care or reimbursement models as needs and the industry evolve

Laptop mockup with scheduling

More Ready. More Set. More Go.

We know it’s frustrating to find workarounds for software that just can’t seem to do the job. That’s why we have comprehensive software just for I/DD providers. It’s made a world of difference to I/DD providers across the country; helping them connect aspects of their work that hadn’t previously been possible.

Comprehensive Software and Services for I/DD Providers

How much time are you spending on administrative work? Fixing errors, moving data between systems, or patching together reports at the end of the month? How has this affected the quality of care you are able to give your clients or empowerment for your staff? A lack of a comprehensive software solution may be costing you a great deal.

With Sandata, You Get More Right From the Start

Step 1

Work with the Sandata team to design the right solution for your organization.

Step 2

Deploy the Sandata solution and train with our experienced team.

Step 3

Enjoy the easier process of payers and providers working together.

Here’s How it Works for I/DD Providers

We know I/DD providers are dedicated to the people they serve. Your time is precious, and at Sandata, we don’t think you should use it fighting technology. While we can’t take the administrative part out of your processes, we can make it a hassle-free part of your day by offering you software that is built for providers just like you. Working with guardians? We can help you make them part of the process. Adjusting to life with EVV? We can make that easier and more comprehensive. Using multiple locations, group settings, and ratios in your billing? We can configure that for you so the way you operate in person is matched with the way you operate with technology. Most of all, we will partner with you as your organization grows, making sure you are consistently able to eliminate administrative hassles and focus on giving great care.

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Sandata Announces Doug Fleishman as Chief Revenue Officer

Sandata Announces Doug Fleishman as Chief Revenue Officer

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Case Story: Eisenhower Center 90-Day Check-In

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2022 Strategies for Agency Growth

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Do right by caregivers,
right from the start.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.