Agency Management Tools for 

Home Care Providers

Sandata Home Care

Simplify, achieve compliance, and provide great care by operating your business with comprehensive home care software

  • Complete referral-to-cash solution
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Innovative functionality developed for the home care industry

Are you ready for more than EVV? 

EVV Beyond Compliance

Making It Easier From Day One

With a scalable solution designed to support your long-term growth.

Get paid accurately and on time

With cleaner claims and fewer denials – all while relieving administrative burdens

Accelerate cash flow and drive efficiencies

Agency-wide by automating caregiver shift scheduling, billing and payroll


Check every compliance box

With thorough documentation in one comprehensive, connected system

Future-proof your quality of care

By giving your system the flexibility to accommodate new care or reimbursement models as needs and the industry evolve

Comprehensive Software for Home Care Providers

Is your agency struggling with the administrative burden of managing scheduling and billing? Are you running your business on multiple systems that aren’t interoperable, causing stress on internal and external staff and negatively affecting operational efficiencies and profit margins? Does your software vendor truly understand your needs?

Laptop mockup with time tracking

More Ready. More Set. More Go.

We know how inefficient it is to use multiple software platforms that don’t work together. That’s why we built a comprehensive software solution focused on efficiency and compliance and have implemented it in agencies throughout the nation. Put our forty years of industry experience to work for you, so that you can focus on delivering great care.

With Sandata, You Get More Right From the Start

Step 1

Work with the Sandata team to design the right solution for your organization.

Step 2

Deploy the Sandata solution and train with our experienced team.

Step 3

Enjoy the easier process of payers and providers working together.

Here’s How it Works for Home Care Providers

If you work in home care, you know how costly it can be to maintain compliance, to deal with inefficiencies, and to manage a team. The biggest of all is the human cost, the reason we are all in the business of home care. Giving great care is paramount and we’re here to keep it your focus while we provide the tools for everything else. Are you struggling with EVV implementation in order to be Cures compliant? We can get you on the right track. Do you spend too much time scheduling staff? We can optimize that. Does your payroll system operate in a silo, causing more administrative inefficiencies? We can get your team working with the big picture. Most of all, we will partner with you as your organization grows, making sure you are consistent in your compliance and able to focus on giving great care.

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Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.