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Payroll Solutions with Sandata

Sandata’s I/DD Payroll solutions are easy-to-use systems that simplify your agency’s payroll processes. Designed specifically for the I/DD and home care market, our payroll solutions can replace slow and inefficient processes and enhance the user experience.

Sandata offers both Payroll Services and a Payroll Module to fit your I/DD agency’s unique software needs while improving your efficiencies and reducing administrative costs with time-saving features.

Payroll Services Software Overview

With Sandata’s I/DD Payroll Services, your I/DD agency can control your agency-specific payroll needs while Sandata’s software and Payroll team handle the rest.

Payroll Services uses an import/export process to eliminate the time and effort associated with repetitive payroll processing, duplicate data entry, and reducing your agency’s payroll responsibility and liability. Plus, your Sandata Payroll Services Team is available 24/7 so your agency can eliminate potential payroll interruptions.

Your agency can still:

    • Establish and maintain shift differentials
    • Maintain employee pay rates
    • Maintain overtime rules
    • Import wages and reimbursements
    • Review and approve initial reports

Once you import your information, Sandata’s Payroll Services Team will:

    • Process gross wages and taxes
    • Process local, state, and federal taxes and deductions
    • Process allocations and liens
    • Complete employee payments with electronic funds transfers and/or checks
    • File all pay periods, monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes

Benefits of Payroll Services

    • Outsourced data entry and payroll processing with tax and garnishments management
    • Batch processing of wages and reimbursements
    • Full Story Pay Voucher that includes shift details, deductions, taxes, and deposit
    • Flexible payment options including direct deposit, debit cards, and hard checks
    • Online access to pay stubs and W2s

Streamline Processes with Integration

When integrated with Sandata’s Time Tracking software, our solution can collect data and transfer information to our Payroll software to be approved by your agency, eliminating tedious administrative hassle.

Payroll Services also integrates with Billing, Staff Scheduling, and Employee Care software to further streamline processes and eliminate the need for duplication of data entry efforts.

Payroll Module Overview

For agencies that prefer to maintain internal control of Payroll processes, Sandata also offers an I/DD Payroll Module to help you handle your payroll complexities efficiently and accurately, saving your agency time, money, and effort so you can focus on offering the best possible care.

Benefits of Sandata’s Payroll Module

    • Full in-house control of all payroll processes and information
    • Review and approve all wages, allocations, disbursements, and more
    • Ability to set up taxes and deductions at the company level, employee level, or both, allowing mass changes to deductions and taxes without manually editing each one
    • Process payroll in whatever grouping matches your agency needs, such as different pay dates or multiple classes of employees
    • Flexible payment options including direct deposit and hard checks

Streamline Processes with Integration

Your agency can see even greater benefits when the Payroll Module is integrated with Time Tracking, Billing, Staff Scheduling, and Employee Care.

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Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.