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Financial Suite

Financial Suite Software with Sandata

Sandata’s Financial Suite software combines Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger into one, easy-to-use software suite that will save you time and money and help you focus on more important tasks, like maximizing the delivery of care for the individuals you serve.

Recruit and retain star employees

Accounts Payable

With Sandata’s Accounts Payable software you can save administrative time by reducing data entry time, reducing administrative costs associated with invoice processing time, and always knowing where your cash requirements stand.

Save Time

With Sandata’s Accounts Payable software, you can change vendor addresses and other pertinent information at any time. Plus, you can add new vendors during invoice entry without interrupting your flow.

Quick and Easy

Accounts Payable recall and re-entry features memorize frequent invoices and can automatically re-enter them. You can also eliminate keying invoices altogether by creating invoices from imported credit card transactions. You can even distribute the expenses to as many cost centers/sub-accounts as needed.

Gain Efficiencies

Let Accounts Payable software automatically select invoices for payment and track discount dates, due dates, and open credits, or create one vendor payment for multiple invoices. Manual checks are no longer needed when you print a check or create an EFT and email the stub.

Audit Support

Sandata’s Accounts Payable software incorporates the controls you need to produce a clear audit trail:

  • Set up a formal workflow so that payments are approved before the check is printed or EFT is generated
  • Void/replace payments directly from the software without giving access to the entire General Ledger
  • Set rules for when payments can be deleted in open fiscal periods and prevent additional invoices from being added in a closed period
  • Monitor past due aging and cash requirements for the date ranges you define

Sandata’s Accounts Payable software integrates with General Ledger, Employee Care, Payroll, and Client Care software, streamlining cross-functionalities like expense payments to employees or individuals served.

Accounts Receivable

Sandata’s Accounts Receivable software allows you to see your customers’ sales and payment history at a glance. With a couple of clicks, you can quickly see who is delinquent and what payments are expected.

Decrease invoice processing time and related costs

Save administrative time spent creating and sending out invoices and statements

Always know when cash receipts are due

Reduce Manual Keying

Accounts Receivable software reduces input time by automatically applying discount rates, discounts, due dates, and sales tax as you create the invoice. It can also memorize and recall frequently occurring invoices to save even more time.

Gain Additional Efficiencies

New customer information or updated customer information can be added while entering an invoice. Once payments are received, Accounts Receivable can automatically distribute and apply receipts to a specific invoice or multiple invoices and calculate finance charges.

Quickly Create Sales Invoices

Accounts Receivable creates invoices as your customers purchase from your inventory list, or you can send out personalized post-sale invoices and statements batched or individually as needed.

Integrate For More Value

The Accounts Receivable software integrates with Sandata’s General Ledger, Employee Care, Client Care, and Billing software, allowing you to quickly distribute expenses to employees and individuals served, or generate invoices for individuals who have patient liability.

General Ledger

Sandata’s General Ledger software empowers your finance office by producing financial reports tailored to the needs of your ownership, Board of Directors, agency management, banks, and other constituents.

Save administrative costs with time-efficient features

Satisfy parties with reports tailored to specific needs

Access More Data With Integrations

With General Ledger software, financial statements and detailed reports can be generated from accounting transactions within the General Ledger software itself or from one of Sandata’s other financial software modules- Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Billing. Historical data allows comparative reporting and transaction research for audits and other purposes.

Unlimited Number of Accounts

General Ledger can handle multiple divisions within the same chart of accounts and allows an unlimited number of accounts with a flexible account structure. Cost centers reduce the number of accounts you need while simultaneously allowing you to track revenue and expenses. Cost centers and sub-accounts can be any designation and, when combined with user-defined tags, account balances can be accumulated in various formats for reporting.

Preprogrammed Microsoft Excel Links

Preprogrammed Microsoft Excel functions link directly to your accounting data in real-time, allowing you to leverage Excel’s charts, graphs, and calculators to create customized financial statements. With Excel’s numerous sorting and filtering options, you can provide the exact data needed in the format best suited for your audience.

Security and Audit Support

General Ledger software provides a complete audit trail. Its security settings let you control who has access to General Ledger as well as who can delete and void transactions during open periods. You can also easily lockout periods from further activity in General Ledger as well as in the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, and/or Payroll modules to ensure integrity as you close each module and period. You can keep your user-defined fiscal periods open as long as necessary, as you do not need to close one period in order to begin working in the next.

Other Time-Saving Features

General Ledger is packed with other time-saving features, such as:

  • The ability to add accounts and cost centers during transaction entry
  • Memorization and recall of recurring journal entries and money transactions
  • Importing of bank transaction files for easy account reconciliation
  • Viewing account balances without leaving General Ledger
  • Importing general journal entries, money transactions, and budgets directly from Microsoft Excel

Integrations and Customizations

General Ledger integrates with Sandata’s Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Billing, Employee and Client Care, and Time Tracking software, allowing you to design the best solution for your organization. In addition, these integrations will streamline processes and eliminate duplicated data entry efforts.

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