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Billing Software with Sandata

Providing exceptional care to the individuals you serve involves more than just delivering great care. It requires accurately providing contracted services at agreed-upon rates and working to make sure individuals have access to all the care for which they are authorized to receive.

With Sandata Billing, you can increase your cash flow with built-in Contract Utilization and Outstanding Bills and Receivables Aging reports while improving efficiencies and reducing administrative costs with our time-saving features.

Software Overview

Sandata’s Billing software validates that your claims for services provided are verified, within authorization limits, and formatted for payer compliance to reduce rejections and denials and maximize cash flow.

Billing starts with recording hours and units of service for three main purposes:

    1. Providing data needed to bill the right source
    2. Transferring hours and units to payroll
    3. Comparing contractual obligations versus actual services provided to effectively manage over/underutilization of authorized care

Then, Sandata’s Billing software generates reports to help keep you from losing money caused by improper authentication management and/or unbilled claims. Additional time-savings occur with the ability to batch bill, electronically file claims, and resubmit rejections without re-entry and auto-reconciling submitted claims.

Isolate Funding Deficiencies

The Review Billing Contract Utilization report compares what your agency can bill versus what has already been billed. It examines every service type by client, identifying situations where services have been over/underprovided.

Time Tracking Integration

When integrated with Sandata’s Time Tracking software, common data-entry errors are caught, corrected, and eliminated before they even get to Billing. Plus, you can use system-generated, retroactive billing for service limit changes, rate changes, and late time slips on previously submitted bills.

In addition, you can use online reconciliation to reconcile your payments to billing claims. In addition to effective cash posting, you can also manage denied claims for resubmission or write off without re-entering any data. Claims are supported for per diem, visit, hourly, or by unit.

Maximize Contracted Services

The Service Budget Utilization report compares the client’s individual service plan (ISP) to the actual service provided on a weekly basis for all service types (even ratios like 1:1, 1:2, etc.) to identify potential problem areas.

Improved Cash Flow

The standard Outstanding Bills and Receivables Aging report lets you stay on top of billing receivables. Review Contract reports to identify individuals who do not have active authorizations or have upcoming expiring authorizations. This tool helps safeguard future services to ensure they’re within authentication limits and determine a complete revenue picture.

Save Time with Add-Ons

Sandata’s Billing software also integrates with Client Care, General Ledger, and Payroll. Client Care houses client-related data and supplies the list of individuals to the Billing software. Payroll supplies a list of billable employees to Billing and processes service hours by employee for payroll purposes. General Ledger then stores all money transactions, billings, cash receipts, and other financial data.

Do right by caregivers,
right from the start.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.