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Client Care

Client Care Software with Sandata

What if there was a way to improve the care you provide to your clients, eliminate the cumbersome paperwork bogging down your staff, and streamline processes at every level of your organization – all in one, fully customizable tool that is completely mobile on any device?

With Sandata’s Client Care, all your client care services are tracked electronically, eliminating time-consuming, error-prone paperwork and freeing your staff to provide the best care possible to the individuals you serve.

Software Overview

Client Care is optimized specifically for your organization and the individuals you serve. It is a customizable solution from overall organizational workflow processes down to individual client care plans.

Your direct support professionals can easily look up information, check program plans, track ADLs, and log care notes. Supervisors and agency management benefit from simplified reporting, visual charting, automated notifications, and configurable workflows for incident management.


Client Care’s employee and individual organizational structure define security access and notification. With a caregiver dashboard and a client manager dashboard, tasks and reminders are easy to send and easy to view. Plus, you can now send messages to one or more DSPs.

Program Planning Features

– Track program plans and goals
– Track objectives
– Track assessments
– Create agency-defined notebooks and notes
– Auto-generate program administration tasks for DSPs
– Document program results in real-time
– Auto-calculate program result in success rates
– Auto-create graphs and charts

Incident Tracking Features

– Track incident details
– Track other people involved
– Track injury and treatment information
– Track actions to prevent future incidents
– Create agency-defined notebooks and notes
– Add new incidents from the field
– Notify management of new incidents automatically
– Auto-create and assign tasks related to the incident
– Use workflow status to track incidents to completion

Other Data Collection Features

– Track vitals
– Track intakes/outputs
– Track other agency-defined data
– Create agency-defined notebooks and notes
– Auto-generate data collection tasks for DSPs
– Document data in real-time
– View auto-created graphs and charts

I/DD Staffing Stability

With Client Care, your staff can quickly and easily access the information they need about the individuals they serve. Client Care provides a centralized, extensive, client data-tracking repository specific to the needs of the intellectual/ developmental disability industry.

Client Care can reduce administrative costs with centralized access to essential information about the individuals in your care and ensure HIPAA compliance with security settings that permit staff to access only the information they need.

Sandata’s Client Care records and tracks all the important information about the individuals in your care including:

      • Contact information
      • Demographics
      • Agency staff
      • Personal contacts and guardianship information
      • Private insurance and income source information
      • Placement information, including the program, the county served, department, and site
      • Medical information such as medications, providers, allergies, and diagnoses
      • Visitation guidelines and consensual information such as audio/visual consent, power of attorney, and DNR orders

Plus, Client Care records individuals’ details beyond the basics, including outings attended, an inventory of possessions, and any other relevant notes you may need.

Sandata can customize Client Care to meet your needs or provide the tools for you to do it yourself* with our Structure Designer and Form Designer.

*with qualified IT staff

Save Time with Add-Ons

Create, communicate, and document trending behaviors and associated skills development and/or behavior plans with the Program Planning and/or Behavior Planning add-ons. Use successful previous plans for the same or similar clients, avoiding plan recreation efforts. Record and assess plan delivery results electronically to quickly develop the best future strategy. Distribute plans, progress notes, documentation sheets, and periodic assessments and recommendations to staff instantaneously.

Client Care integrates seamlessly with all Sandata I/DD software to create cross-functionalities that help streamline processes, minimize errors, and decrease data-entry duplication

Do right by caregivers,
right from the start.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.