Solana, a Sandata Solution, Bolstered by Support to Reach I/DD Providers Across the Nation

Port Washington, NY, December 16, 2020– Solana has decades of experience serving intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) providers and designing software to meet their specific needs. Thanks to its acquisition by Sandata in October 2020, Solana is experiencing a surge of support to continue doing good by its customers, which has also resulted in gaining new customers across the country.

“It has always been our mission to use our talents and technologies to help I/DD providers serve one of the most vulnerable populations,” said Doug Nafziger, VP of the Solana Business Unit. “Any way we can help them more effectively run their business opens the capacity to give the best care possible. It’s what we do, and now as a Sandata solution, we can do it better.”

Serving customers may look from the outside like a one-time software launch. However, the impact by the provider is felt every day and measured routinely. An example is with Pathways to Community, an I/DD provider located in Minnesota, that recently began revenue management services with Solana. This entails crucial work to deliver ongoing revenue such authorization management, processing, bill creation, reconciling claims, managing denials and resubmits, along with month-end reviews and reporting. Backed by Sandata, Solana has that much more to offer.

Paul McDowell, COO/CFO at Pathways to Community says “Our future relationship with Solana and Sandata is rooted in their understanding of I/DD providers’ needs. We’re confident that we will find operational efficiencies in partnering with them.”

Similar projects have allowed providers to redirect their investment from an internal billing person, which typically has turnover in the range of 1.8 – 2.6 years, to an outside service. The cost savings from doing so can be deployed elsewhere and the damaging effects of turnover can be spared.

Sandata is leading a national effort to reach the I/DD market with effective tools, systems, and services such as those developed by Solana. “We are thrilled to be in a position to reach and serve so many more providers,” said Tom Underwood, Sandata CEO. Sandata continues not only to secure statewide EVV contracts but simultaneously increase its enterprise software customer base. “Together with Solana we are a human services powerhouse that can make a tremendous difference to providers across the country.”

About Sandata Technologies

Sandata Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of home care solutions that enable government agencies, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and home care providers to manage and optimize the delivery of home care services. Sandata’s suite of solutions offers its 15,000+ agencies, 18 state Medicaid agencies, and 50+ MCOs with tools and capabilities to advance quality of care and improve patient and client outcomes. Sandata’s solutions support 2.1 million patients and over 8,000,000 monthly visits, providing value for all constituents across the home care continuum.

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