Sandata and Paypro Expand Strategic Relationship

Seamless payroll integration as a key Sandata differentiator

Sandata Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of home care solutions, announced a five-year contract extension with Paypro Corporation, for continued integration of the firm’s industry-leading payroll software into Sandata’s Santrax® Electronic Visit Verification (EVV™) and Santrax Agency Management platforms. Sandata has partnered with Paypro Corp. since 2014.

Sandata’s payroll module solution, powered by Paypro, a New York-based workforce management solutions provider, is utilized by over 200 home care agencies with over 50,000 workers. The comprehensive, fully integrated payroll solution provides a competitive advantage by fully automating the necessary and often labor-intensive business process such as paycheck processing, employee benefits record keeping, and tax filing and reporting, among others.

Sandata’s payroll module allows agencies to replace slow and inefficient employee data capture, with consistent real-time data. The payroll module is seamlessly integrated into Sandata’s provider solutions for more efficient payroll management.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing Sandata’s payroll module for end-to-end automation:

  1. Deeper transparency for employees to view, on their paystubs, the visits and hours they performed and are paid for during each payroll period.
  2. Comprehensive integration of payroll data into Sandata’s agency management platform, resulting in more comprehensive reports and analytical data.
  3. Flexibility payment options such as direct deposit, loadable debit cards and hard checks.
  4. Software updates allowing agencies to remain compliant and up to date on Federal and State labor regulations.
  5. Multistep payroll data review before initiating processing

Tom Underwood, Sandata, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are thrilled to continue and grow our relationship with Paypro Corporation, powering our payroll module and resulting in deeper and more cost-effective payroll feature-functionality for our home care agency customers.”

John Murray, Paypro, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We at Paypro are very excited to continue our partnership with Sandata Technologies, LLC. Our integrated solution is built for agencies and their staff, providing enhanced reporting, compliance and accuracy, and reducing the need for agencies to explain pay details.

As a trusted leader in the industry for almost 40 years, Sandata offers home care providers a suite of software solutions, including Santrax® EVV, the premier visit verification solution, and Santrax Agency Management.  Find out more about Sandata and its integrated offerings at:

About Sandata Technologies: Sandata provides a complete package of home care technology solutions, which includes scheduling, time and attendance, billing, payroll, compliance and clinical applications for the home care industry. Sandata’s suite of products includes Santrax® Electronic Visit Verification™, the market leading time and attendance product, Santrax® Agency Management and Santrax® Payer Management, web-based software solutions with features including voice biometrics to perform speaker verification and a jurisdictional view dashboard solution for states and other payers, municipalities and home care agency markets. Sandata also offers Santrax® Member Management, an ADA Section 508 compliant member portal for self-directed members to view, modify and approve worker timesheets, and Santrax® Point of Care, an innovative data collection and remote chart access tool giving field workers the ability to collect both clinical and non-clinical information at the point-of-care. Sandata has over 3,500 provider agencies across the United States processing more than 125 million verifications annually.

About Paypro Corporation:  Paypro is a Human Capital Management Consultative Service based in Hauppauge, NY. Our technology is an end-to-end solution that uses a common user interface, database, and workflows across Time and Attendance, HR, Payroll, Compliance and Benefits. Our goal at Paypro is to improve client’s workforce productivity, control labor costs, minimize compliance risk and deliver the best one-to-one customer service in the industry. Paypro’s unique philosophy and approach to service, providing each client with a dedicated customer support team and the high-quality information needed to manage a workforce from pre-hire to retire. Getting the help you need, when you need it is important to us.

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