Why Does Experience Matter?

Sandata brings not just expertise, but a history of experience dating back to 1978, when a top home care tech provider in New York discovered a new way to help Medicaid agencies get home care right. Fraud, waste, and abuse were threatening vulnerable state populations, so in 1994, Sandata invented electronic visit verification (EVV)—we even collaborated with federal lawmakers to sign an EVV mandate into law with the 21st Century Cures Act. Today, we’ve helped more states than any other vendor successfully implement EVV, and we continue to look for ways to transform health care technology—because at the end of the day, it’s not about us—it’s about providing care for those who need it.

As a leading provider of software and technology solutions for over 40 years, we help payers and providers work together to manage their businesses more efficiently, so patients can get a higher quality of care.​ We may be biased, but the numbers speak for themselves—with over 15,000 agencies, 21 states, and 50+ managed care organizations under our belt, it’s hard to deny Sandata is the industry leader. We don’t just want your business; we want your trust. In addition to implementations, we are the national leader in CMS EVV certifications, having helped 12 states achieve CMS certification—more than any other vendor!

Sandata is focused on growing our team, our presence in the market, and our ability to serve you and those you serve. It’s no wonder we have to grow our team as we validate over 175 million home care visits annually and serve over 18,000 clients across 40 states. Our increased investment in product development and technological advancements to address today’s challenges aim to prepare your agency for tomorrow’s opportunities and continued growth.

We don’t just implement technology and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. We partner with our customers through each step of the journey to address their business challenges with effective solutions for measurable outcomes. That’s the Sandata value—maximizing the efficiency of your agency and optimizing the value of every home visit. We also value you and your feedback. In 2021, we utilized customer feedback to develop a 90-day implementation process for 2022, in which challenges are anticipated and resolved early for greater transparency.

Are you ready to partner with the expert in compliance? Join the largest network for Medicaid providers and payers to increase transparency, improve the quality of services delivered, and to start getting more right from the start.