Video Interview: Meet the CEO, Emmet O’Gara

Sandata’s CEO, Emmet O’Gara, recently sat down with Tim Rowan of the Rowan Report to discuss the future of home care and how Sandata is stepping up to meet new challenges. From mastering EVV to taking on home health and the ongoing caregiver retention challenge, O’Gara’s focus on transforming health care with the most innovative technology has positioned Sandata as the trusted industry leader in agency management.

“The number one thing we can do is create a truly frictionless experience, and you do that by really focusing on the user experience of technology, so at the end of the day we’re a technology provider—we don’t provide care, but we provide the tools that allow folks to provide care in a better manner.”

Hear more from O’Gara and Rowan in the video below!