Sandata Joins the Therapy Brands Podcast, Think:Therapy

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a hot topic in the world of Home and Community-Based Care, but it is a complicated one. What is EVV? Why is it important? And how can providers ensure they’re prepared? Recently, Sandata CEO, Emmet O’Gara sat down with Maria Perrin, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer of Therapy Brands for a conversation around EVV on the Think: Therapy podcast.

“The ‘what’ is simple, but the ‘why’ is a little more interesting… it’s actually the technology that ensures the care being reimbursed actually occurred. So, at a minimum it ensures fidelity in the system, and since EVV is tightly tied to Medicaid, it is really important that we ensure any dollars being spent are on services that actually occurred,” says O’Gara. “It is more than just an integrity solution; it is also a care solution”.

O’Gara continues to discuss common misconceptions around EVV and gives more insight into why it is such a crucial tool for the industry. Want to hear more? Click the link below to hear the full podcast!

Think:Therapy Podcast Episode 2 – Electronic Visit Verification: What to Know