How We Stay Accountable to Our Customers

What makes a partner valuable? What makes you work with them over a competitor? At Sandata, we like to think that it is our accountability to our clients and the industry—our commitment to listening to customer feedback, the marketplace, and, yes, even our competitors. With our ear to the ground (and on the phone with our customers), we continue to evolve our approach to transforming healthcare technology alongside the evolving industry.

In 2022, we implemented Teamwork, a flexible project management tool that allows Sandata Agency Management users to access real-time project status, providing visibility not available before. Instead of receiving progress reports at predetermined intervals, users can now view the scope and progress of implementation without requesting Sandata support—a direct result of listening to our customers.

Another way we are holding ourselves accountable to our customers is by providing thorough and consistent training to providers, as well as providing branded training materials for their caregivers. Through the creation of Caregiver Connection, we coordinate and distribute branded training materials to ensure each caregiver receives consistent, thorough, and accurate training information.

Hearing from agencies throughout the industry helps push us to be more efficient and more innovative. By hosting quarterly webinars and third-party town halls, we collaborate with provider agencies using alternate solutions in each state and provide real-time guidance on how to integrate with Sandata. Our goal is to make the experience as seamless and painless as possible, no matter your agency management solution. This includes outlining the differences between states for agencies with multiple locations, what is required to streamline the development processes, and ultimately, how to get paid.

Our goal is to improve processes based on customer feedback, and to be accountable to our users, their requests, and their success. In 2023, our aim is to meet customers where they are and provide solutions to their unique, complex challenges. Schedule a call with our team today to start getting more right from the start with a partner you can trust.