Employee Spotlight: Frances Mage

Each month, we interview a Sandata employee who lives the Sandata mission—to continuously improve healthcare with the most innovative technology. This month we spoke with Frances Mage, Project Manager of Home Care Professional Services, who has been with Sandata for over 4 years.

Before you started at Sandata, what attracted you to the company?

I had been in home health for over 25 years with my own home health agency. I was already trying to help clients and their families, but what I loved about Sandata was the new software they were getting into, plus they had been known for their electronic visit verification for a long time. I knew of the company when I was working for another agency that used Sandata’s EVV system, maybe 10 years ago, and had witnessed how the company has grown, and how the system evolved. I feel that it helps give the client and their family peace of mind, knowing that the service and care they’re receiving is because of Sandata’s solutions. I was very excited to see all the changes and how we could improve the continuity of care for clients and their families.

What experiences with healthcare, home care, or I/DD informed your choice to work at Sandata?

When I was 11 years old, my mom got sick and lost her eyesight. Back then, we didn’t know what was out there, or what a home healthcare agency even was. Looking back at what my family went through, what I went through growing up taking care of a family member at a very young age, I saw the potential that Sandata has to offer to the families. If I knew about them years ago, it probably would have been a better outcome for my mother, and later my father when I moved to help take care of him. What we do matters a lot, especially when it comes to family. We didn’t have any trained help, so everything we do to help deliver quality care to individuals is very important to me. I love to see the ingenuity and work we are doing to make it easier for our agencies, and in the long run, the clients that they serve.

How do you personally live the Sandata mission?

I really try to understand what clients need. I go above and beyond for our clients who are struggling, who don’t know what we might have available, and try to guide them toward the best outcome for their patients. I look back at my situation as a child and not knowing what was available, and now that I have had the opportunity and education over the years to see for myself what is out there, I truly believe everything we do at Sandata matters, we’re helping our clients help their patients, so it just makes sense to me that every aspect of our organization matters. I reflect on all the ways we can make things easier for an agency, so that in turn it’s easier for the individual receiving care. Being there and listening to their concerns is most important so they know we’re not just a software company—we truly care about the clients we serve and making their overall health better.