Case Story: NHS Northstar, Inc.

“We do not write off a dollar. Our 60-day receivables for billing are at zero. When you tell someone that, how Sandata streamlines your billing, how much easier it is to move quickly on claims that are denied, that’s such a surprise for people, because so many struggle just with getting paid.”

Take it from Susan Kildahl, Chief Financial Officer at NHS Northstar, a provider of comprehensive, individualized residential and community-based services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). As a user of Sandata I/DD, NHS Northstar has been able to configure a complete end-to-end I/DD solution to suit their needs by implementing Sandata’s billing, time tracking and scheduling, and payroll modules to centralize caregiver data, plus Client Care to manage client information and program planning from a single dashboard. In doing so, NHS Northstar has seen remarkable outcomes in their ability to reduce denials and maximize claims paid.

“We’re actually looking at an acquisition and they’ve had to write off a couple hundred thousand dollars’ worth of services. It’s a great acquisition for us because we get paid for every hour we serve, and we have for years.”

“Years ago, we had a time tracking software, and we would export and import into Sandata. It worked well for the technology that was available back then. When Sandata offered a scheduling solution, we were one of the first agencies to implement it. Then time tracking followed. Every module we implement improves our processes. When I get a reference call for Sandata, I tell agencies—from a software provider perspective, what Sandata has always meant to me is ‘if I can establish a need, and there’s a logical solution to meeting that need, the chances are Sandata will do it.’ And I just don’t see that with other software providers.”

In addition to Sandata’s robust Employee and Client Care features, NHS Northstar also implemented the payroll module and financial suite, resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced administrative costs. By handling their own payroll, they can take control of the process in a way that suits them best, including different pay dates or multiple classes of employees.

“To me, billing is the engine of the car, but often, all the focus is on the body. I understand because most people in the agency are going to interact with the web-based modules. The other powerhouse is payroll. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had inquiries about outsourcing payroll. But why would we outsource payroll? We’ve already pulled all that information into the software. And if you’re going to send it to a payroll company, you need to scrub your data. At that point, let’s just cut the checks; it’s all right here!”

By integrating billing, time tracking and scheduling, and payroll with client care, NHS Northstar can isolate funding discrepancies, maximize contracted services, and improve cash flow without missing a beat. With everything rolled into one comprehensive I/DD solution, Sandata makes administrative processes hassle-free, allowing quality care to remain the focus without taxing the back office.