Case Story: Golden Harmony Home Health

“We got to the point with our agencies where if we weren’t bringing any money in soon, we would have exhausted our savings. We were at the end of the road—something had to change and fast,” said Ciara Moore, Office Manager at Golden Harmony Home Health.

This is a difficult place to find your business after dedicating so much time and effort to serving the home care community in the Denver, Colorado area. Even when change is needed, it can be a daunting undertaking to migrate all your data from one agency management solution to another.

“We had been with Axxess for six years and it’s scary to change,” Moore said. “We were going through tech support, and it was going on almost a year of just trying to get the data sent over to Medicaid so we could get billed. It was a back-and-forth battle and we never got anything resolved, that’s what led us to Sandata.”

Thankfully, Moore remembered a conversation she had with Sandata and reached out regarding Sandata Agency Management. Although Moore was hesitant to switch at the time, it became abundantly clear they had to resolve their unpaid claims issue. “I just love how it came together; Sandata had implementation representatives assess our system, and they fast tracked everything to help us get that result.”

“The problem was immediately solved with Sandata—within less than two weeks. The only thing I can say is, I wish we had switched sooner. You’re thinking, ‘all this time it could have been this easy.’”

Looking forward as the Cures Act home health EVV mandate quickly approaches, Golden Harmony Home Health is already poised to comply. “In our initial switch we just changed the nonmedical program because the skilled side wasn’t experiencing billing issues, but as I’m learning the system and features, I convinced the skilled department to make the switch, too,” Moore said. “I know that CareConnect will offer a lot of benefits to our skilled department, including matching available staff with clients, something we haven’t had before.”

By making that one call to Sandata, Moore turned the story around. Golden Harmony Home Health remedied their claims submission issues, got paid for care delivered, and found a partner who will continue to help them transform their agency using industry leading health care technology.