Case Story: Eisenhower Center 90-Day Check-In

When we last spoke with Eisenhower Center, they were already seeing increased engagement across the organization after implementing Sandata Agency Management—and that was only after 5 days! So, we thought, why not check in and see what progress they’ve made after 90 days with Sandata!  

“Sandata forced a culture shift where, prior to implementation, a lot of the scheduling, charge capture, and services and sessions were being kept in LiveDocs or Excel files, and there was really no defined workflow,” said Charles Trojanek, Financial Director at Eisenhower Center. 

“What Sandata allows us to do is change our process and shift to where it made each departments’ leadership create a workflow, allowing for the steps needed for seamless handoff to the next department,” Trojanek said. “It has helped us identify that by having the workflow in the system itself, that was the missing piece.” 

With that increased engagement, and increased activity taking place in Sandata Agency Management, Trojanek has taken advantage of the user-friendly scheduling tool to keep track of all those moving pieces. “What’s great about it is that it provides us with the visibility needed to easily capture revenue and better manage our teams.  From a leadership standpoint, it allows me and my counterparts to identify where in the eight-hour day each team can maximize capacity.”  

By gaining visibility into workflows and where breakdowns may occur, each department is able to take ownership over their piece of the puzzle, reinforcing accountability. 

“Before, one of our RCM barriers was a lack of infrastructure and system functionality—now it’s there,” said Trojanek. “We have the foundation to build upon the resources in Sandata that we just didn’t have available to us before. I see great things coming in the next 90 days.” 

By implementing Sandata Agency Management, Trojanek and his team were able to reestablish priorities and recognize breakdowns, leading to alleviation of administrative burdens and shifting responsibilities. Are you ready to optimize your organization like Eisenhower Center? Schedule a call today to start getting more right from the start.