A Valued Lifelong Partnership Fostered with Intention

Our relationship with our customers is a valued lifelong partnership that we are fostering with intention. Sandata’s internal journey is guided by the impact our decisions have on our customers and our unique approach to client care has created a system of continuous feedback and transparency which has allowed us to offer the most impactful solutions.

2021: A Year of Resources

In 2021, we aimed for more extensive and detailed customer feedback to influence our growth. From this feedback, we noticed our vendors and agencies were successfully using our software, though not to their greatest potential. Addressing this gap would mean our customers could have a more thorough implementation and application of our software in nearly limitless ways. From this, Sandata On-Demand was born.

Sandata On-Demand

With over 160 home care and I/DD agencies and 15 state or state projects already live, Sandata On-Demand is a new update that offers a secure portal for customers to access training videos, release notes, reference guides, and over 1,200 articles. With a full text and video library of resources, Sandata On-Demand enhances our customer support.

It also offers more visibility on support tickets than ever before. If customers submit a support request, they can track their ticket every step of the way, know what agent they’re working with, and get information on the status of their support in real-time. In 2021, we solved 134,509 support tickets, demonstrating to our customers that we are committed to their success.

2022: The Voice of the Customer

In 2022, we are going to offer more resources to our customers and bring more information directly to them, so they don’t have to waste time searching for answers.

We’re also building a “voice of the customer” program that will offer opportunities for surveys and interviews to encourage our customers to tell us what we are doing well and where we need to improve. “Our customers have ideas, and we want that feedback so we can improve in the ways they need us to,” says Angel Newsom. Keeping our customers’ voices at the forefront of our work gives us the opportunity to constantly address friction points to streamline customer experiences and maintain transparency as we implement new changes.

Customer Success Managers

Our relationships with our customers do not end after implementation. Customer Success Managers are an indispensable resource for our customers and our teams, ensuring our customers continue to be successful with our software and bringing data from their feedback to life.

Customer Success Managers help us understand how our customers’ program is performing, assist our customers in making key decisions, and help pinpoint service gaps. They also create partnerships to enable and empower our customers to do more with our technology.

To Our Customers

Customers stay with Sandata because we have the greatest expertise in the field. Whether it’s product development, engineering, or communication, we know the business and the regulations. We are on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry and how everything affects the customer. We have been through it, we understand it, and we can guide our customers when changes happen.

It all goes back to people. We are constantly evolving to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers,” says Angel Newsom. “We, as an organization, hold ourselves to a different standard. And that standard is not selling our customers a piece of software but ensuring that they are getting the most value out of it.