Sandata Transforms Healthcare with Robotic Process Automation

Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are pillars of customer implementations.

June 7, 2022 – Hicksville, NY – Sandata uses cutting edge robotic process automation (RPA) to bring efficiency drivers to its customers. This technology helps speed up implementations while continuing to improve accuracy.

“In RPA, we can build and train bots to do repetitive work faster and take away the element of human error, saving time for team members and allowing them to focus on tasks that require human thinking,” said Srini Achukola, Chief Technology Officer.

Achukola has vast experience using this as an effective strategy in technology companies and improving operational efficiencies as a result. “We’re looking forward to continuing rolling out this technology to increase our delivery speed across the board without risking quality,” he added. “The potential of adding artificial intelligence to these bots means we’ll soon move beyond updating code, changing data, and copying information to new locations.”

“Bringing value to our customers is paramount,” said Angel Newsom, Chief Customer Officer. “Our customers’ goals matter and the more we can accelerate their access to our solutions, the faster they can begin seeing progress. Further, the capacity we open by automating repetitive tasks is that much more time we can put into our partnerships with them.”

Sandata is proud to be transforming its customer experience through further investments in technology such as RPA. While bots are something customers cannot see, results such as increased speed to adoption and quicker go-live times are seen and felt. Smarter processes in getting things done right from the start is one of many reasons why Sandata continues to be the most trusted technology.

About Sandata 

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