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Sandata Launches Fuse Homecare Agency Management; Empowering Homecare Agencies with Intuitive User Experience and Advanced Functionality

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sandata, the pioneering force in home and community-based care, today announced the launch of Sandata Fuse™ Agency Management. Fuse encapsulates over 45 years of expertise in home and community-based care, delivering a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface for an unmatched agency experience.

Transforming Homecare Agency Management

The healthcare landscape is ever-changing, becoming increasingly complex for homecare agencies. Fuse is the product of Sandata’s deep-rooted experience working with over 20,000 agencies. It represents a leap in agency management, empowering agencies to navigate this complexity with ease and efficiency.

“With Fuse, we’re redefining the way homecare agencies operate,” said Raj Bhavsar, Chief Technology Officer of Sandata. “We created a solution that intuitively aligns with the needs of agency staff. Fuse is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for operational excellence driving revenue optimization and enhanced care delivery.”

Three Pillars of Fuse:

  • Intuitive User Experience. Fuse offers a seamless interface, characterized by easy-to-use workflows, intuitive layouts, and control panels that spotlight crucial data and insights. Designed for operational efficiency, it makes adoption and everyday use straightforward.
  • Greater Empowerment. The platform includes in-app training and troubleshooting prompts to ensure smooth navigation. Its market-leading Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and visit maintenance provide enhanced visibility, further empowering agencies in their operations.
  • Advanced Functionality. Fuse introduces an innovative billing module for multi-payer claims submissions with a single click. This feature simplifies the reimbursement process and accelerates the speed to paid claims. Additionally, the platform streamlines operations with cohesive workflows, tighter integrations, and native capabilities.
    Agency Promises Fulfilled: More Time for Client Care

With Fuse, agencies can significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks. This efficiency gain translates into more time for client care, better communication with staff, streamlined scheduling, enhanced collaboration with payers, improved compliance, and faster claim processing. Ultimately, Fuse enables agencies to focus on their core mission: making a positive impact on clients’ lives.

“Fuse Agency Management marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower homecare agencies,” said Emmet O’Gara, Chief Executive Officer of Sandata. “It embodies our commitment to healthcare technology innovation, driven by 45 years of industry leadership. Fuse is set to transform home care agency management even more, enabling our clients to deliver exceptional care with greater efficiency and confidence.”

About Sandata

Sandata is the pioneering force in home and community-based care, consistently leading the way with innovative technology solutions. As a trusted leader, Sandata is deeply committed to addressing critical challenges in the sector by expertly connecting the homecare ecosystem. This commitment creates a positive and lasting impact on payers, providers, caregivers, and those who receive care.

Sandata’s industry-leading software, systems, and services optimize billing and claims processing for payers, streamline administrative processes for providers, and facilitate better experiences for caregivers and those who receive care. Sandata’s vision and commitment to transforming the industry continue to shape the future of care at home and in our communities, ensuring better outcomes for all involved.