How to Find Value in Your Data

August 16, 2022 – Hicksville, NY – Fresh out of Sandata’s newly established Innovation Labs comes the latest and greatest way to receive maximum value from the data you collect. 

Since the addition of our Vice President of Data Analytics, Kirit Pandit, we have accelerated our investment in data analytics, including innovative ways in which we utilize Business Intelligence (BI). We have enhanced our analytics capabilities to ensure they play a central role in our mutual goal of keeping members safely in the home, understanding your provider network and performance, and ensuring service claims are validated and paid.  

This has led to the innovation of several new prototype Business Intelligence dashboards to optimize the value your agency gets from the data you collect. By aggregating and analyzing agency data, your agency can improve caregiver productivity, member service, and operational efficiencies. 

“Any vendor can provide reporting, but the team in the Innovation Labs is working to give agencies much more than that,” said Pandit. “Reports merely provide information, whereas BI provides insights. Insights are typically created at the intersection of multiple data streams. Our goal is to tell the story of your data and uncover where opportunities lie and enhance oversight to ensure successful and impactful delivery of service, and reveal patterns where fraud, waste, and abuse can be eliminated.” 

“We have evolved our mindset to be one of experimentation and innovation,” said Emmet O’Gara, Sandata Chief Executive Officer. “What brought us to the forefront of the industry—EVV compliance and integration— will continue to be a successful focus for us, but what comes next? Our Innovation Labs is our internal space of rotating experts who turn failures into successes; the more ideas we have, the better chances we have to overcome obstacles, change processes, and transform the technology we bring to our customers.” 

Sandata has already had opportunities to integrate these updates with a multi-state agency and has revealed opportunities for operational improvement. While still in the initial stages of development, we look forward to sharing innovations to how we intake, digest, and aggregate data.  

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