Case Story: Pleasant View, Inc.

“We were manually calculating and importing our time tracking. It was taking us up to three days to complete payroll every two weeks. And, even though the employee who handled this is incredibly detail-oriented, it’s a given that with that much information being manually calculated and entered, mistakes were being made. It was obvious that we needed a better solution.”

Does this story sound familiar? This is what James Labarge, Director of Administrative Services for Pleasant View, Inc., a provider of residential and day support facilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental (I/DD) disabilities, said motivated him to look for a better time tracking system. His story isn’t that unusual. Many (I/DD) agencies use similar labor- and time-intensive systems for tracking and processing employee time.

“We weren’t as bad as using handwritten timesheets, but the system our employees were using to track and report time was about one-step up from that,” added Labarge, “We needed a solution that provided an automated bridge between our time tracking, payroll, and accounting systems. Sandata Time Tracking was that solution.”

“Now our employees enter their time on provided tablet systems located in each of our facilities. Or, they can use their personal mobile device if they aren’t at one of our facilities. When they enter time into our time tracking system, it is automatically shared with our payroll and accounting systems. Now, we can complete our payroll in a matter of hours instead of days. And, the number of errors has significantly decreased,” said Labarge.

“Plus, I couldn’t ask for more from Sandata’s implementation. They made the process simple, communicated thoroughly, and kept us to what we needed to do. In short, they got it goin’ on. And, their support team has continued this level of service post-implementation”.

“We couldn’t be happier with our Sandata solutions. They are great products. But, the power of their integrations and the support we receive from the Sandata team are the reasons why we are continuing to build our relationship with Sandata. We will soon be adding their Client Services and Scheduling solutions to our portfolio of Sandata services. I can’t wait to see how that continues to help us improve our relationship with our employees and provide even better care to our clients — because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. And, Sandata gets that.”

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