Transparent Communication, Unwavering Dedication, and A Willingness to Thrive

Being accountable to our customers is not something we feel obligated to do, it’s something we’re passionate about. It’s a value that keeps our standards high, our customers happy, and our organization successful.

Accountability has permeated all interactions with our customers and drives success through the customer journey. From Sales through Professional Services and on to Support, we create customer expectations and fulfill our responsibilities with transparent communication, unwavering dedication to our obligations, and a willingness to thrive.

Setting Expectations During Sales

Accountability begins early in the customer journey with transparency. We want to help our customers understand the path of implementation, not just the technology. By immediately creating realistic customer expectations, we can hold each other accountable along the way and ensure the customer not only has a successful implementation but a positive experience with our team.

“Our people make the difference,” says Angel Newsom, Chief Customer Officer (CCO). “No matter where you are on this journey, whether you are an agency, caregiver, or state program, you’re going to have people along that path to guide and direct you.”

Mutual Accountability During Implementation

In 2021, we re-envisioned customer implementation to emphasize that we are not just here to train our customers on how to use our software but foster a lifelong relationship with our customers as we enable them to achieve more than they thought possible.

“We are helping customers understand their commitment, dedication, and work is essential to success in this implementation. Implementation is a partnership, and we need to work together to make this process efficient and successful,” says Carey L. Sowle, SVP of Professional Services.

Implementation is a collaborative partnership with clear expectations, responsibilities, and escalation paths with a distinct end goal: the customer’s go-live date. The most successful customers are the ones who understand, embrace, and fully commit to mutual accountability and transparency in the process.

Accountability in 2021 and 2022

Part of accountability is listening to our customer’s feedback, understanding their evolving needs, and providing them with resources and innovations that will simply make their experience with Sandata better. Here are some of the ways we improved our implementation process in 2021:

  • We created precise and transparent implementation goals and ensured all our actions brought us closer to success.
  • We instilled a greater focus on partnership earlier in the customer journey, so our customers understood how to enable a successful implementation.
  • We encouraged honest communication both internally and externally to manage expectations and feedback more productively.
  • We increased the number of implementations a team member can manage effectively by automating some of our processes, improving our internal products, and reordering some tasks to alleviate stress on our team.

In 2022, our goal is to make Implementation even better. We envision a smooth, consistent, 90-day process where challenges are anticipated and resolved early and efficiently. This means more open communication, embracing difficult conversations, and understanding that accountability is a positive addition to our work and our lives.

Remaining Accountable with Continued Support

Working with Sandata is a lifelong, client-centric partnership that doesn’t end when our customers move from implementation to support. “We don’t leave our customers. We ensure a continuity of care and continuity of coverage,” says Tim Nyberg, SVP of Strategy. We push, through resources, to position our customers to receive help, support, and communication long after they’ve implemented our systems.

To Our Customers

We are accountable to our customers through every step of their journey. Whether we are creating expectations in sales or communicating in customer support, our relationships with our customers are based on mutual trust, confidence, and a system of accountability.