Growth in Talent, Culture, and Diversity

As the world grows and evolves, so does Sandata.

Over the past two years, Sandata has seen a major culture shift to a people-focused strategy. When we decided to develop this new strategy, we began by discussing Sandata’s values, the strengths and weaknesses of our teams, and our vision for the future.

How do we want to grow -not only in sales or in numbers- but in talent, culture, and diversity?

We envision a future at Sandata where our organization is strengthened even further by positivity, diversity, and teamwork and we have developed a people strategy to reach our goal. We know these changes have already made an incredible, positive impact on our internal team and our customers, and we are thrilled about the endless possibilities ahead of us.

Breaking Down and Building Up

Sandata is emphasizing accountability as we evolve to a culture of greater teamwork than ever before. We’ve broken down departmental separation so our teams understand their own positions better, how their work is critical to others, and how they can affect the rest of the Sandata team.

We’re using this visibility to become more intentional and effective. Our ultimate goal is to increase our performance and the effectiveness of our products, and by working together with greater visibility and accountability, we know our customers will see a better outcome.

The Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Sandata, we understand how valuable it is to have a rich and diverse team of talented people. We want to mirror the communities we serve and have expanded the recruitment of diverse talent to enrich our organization while creating equitable and inclusive opportunities for growth within our team.

Recruiting diverse talent can mean a lot of things, but for Sandata it means attracting the most talented people of differing racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender and sexual identities, veteran statuses, and beliefs. “We want to bring a more beautiful quilt of employees to our talented team. We look for individuals that are culturally additive to our organization,” says Doug Nafziger, Chief Administrative Officer.

We’ve also changed our national recruiting processes. We train managers to reduce or eliminate hiring bias, conduct national candidate searches, offer benefits that align with our candidates’ needs, and annually track diversity amongst all employees to ensure we are continually working toward our vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Diversity of people leads to a diversity of ideas,” says Doug Nafziger. “Diversity will always lead to better outcomes and better experiences.” While Sandata is proud to have industry-leading statistics for diversity, equity, and inclusion, we also know there is always room for improvement and we will continue to strive for an equitable future, both for our internal team and for the communities we serve.

To Our Customers

Our teams are highly adaptable and genuinely love helping our customers see the value in the software they’ve purchased and just how much it can positively impact their lives and their business.

When an organization like Sandata has a diverse, positive, and people-focused group of talented team members that work together effectively, we can learn and grow much more quickly, creating better products, better service, and a better future for our customers.