A Key Component to Sandata’s DNA

The desire to generate value through innovation has always been a driving force at Sandata. “Historically, innovation is a key component of Sandata’s DNA,” notes Emmet O’Gara, Chief Executive Officer. “We were first-to-market with many of the solutions that are ubiquitous today in home care. We led the homecare and EVV market transformation since our inception forty years ago.”

Sandata is a leader in agency management, I/DD, and state payer software solutions because we understand the market, listen to our customers, live our values, and continually invest to create the best products for every level of home care provider.

Advancing the Journey in 2021

In 2021, we continued our mission to innovate our solutions in the pursuit of providing better offerings and services to our customers while scaling internally to facilitate growth.

This year we introduced Order Manager, a new product to help our payer clients better manage case referrals and reduce time to member placement with the right agencies. Order Manager allows Managed Care Organizations to authorize services electronically, electronically distribute cases to provider networks, and allow providers to accept cases, all on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Internally, our teams adopted innovative technologies, pursued automation efforts, and invested in our technology stack to allow Sandata to scale and support more customers. This means we’re prepared to grow with our customer community and deliver operational consistency and quality for their critical programs.

Leadership Engagement

This year, Sandata intentionally aligned executive sponsors to a majority of our clients in addition to our standard support model. Our leadership team is establishing regular check-ins and purposeful engagement with our customer base to increase open communication.

Leadership involvement offers an additional avenue for customers to share their successes, express perspective on our dynamic markets for roadmap consideration, and convey challenges that require a solution. Through an internal accountability model, we are staying close to the pulse of our clients and the members they serve.

Innovation in 2022

In 2022, our customers will appreciate the impact of the Sandata Claims Gateway launch. Our new application will automatically review claims before submission and verify that all Electronic Visit Verification (EVV™) data matches claims. This will streamline claims and billing processes, improve visibility into the accuracy of claims, and minimize denials for EVV reasons.

We are also refreshing user interfaces, building user-friendly reporting capability, and automating workflows across our products. “Self-service and automation continue to be critical to our end users,” reports Srini Achukola, Chief Technology Officer. “We are investing meaningfully to drive automation and efficiency for our clients, reflecting current and future market requirements.”

To Our Customers

“To our customers, innovation should mean that Sandata continuously leverages new solutions to solve emerging regulatory or care continuum needs for payers and providers,” comments Angel Newsom, Chief Customer Officer. “We integrate perspectives across thousands of agencies, caregivers, and payers to inform decisions about delivering innovation for our customers.

Innovation is an integral part of Sandata’s DNA and will continue to drive our organization forward as we strategize with clients, deliver valuable solutions, and grow with the changing market. “Our clients realize value when they succeed at optimizing care and extending the impact of every dollar. We strive to positively influence healthcare being delivered to the folks that need it the most,” says Tim Nyberg, SVP of Strategy. “That’s the fire that keeps us going.”