Electronic Visit Verification™ – EVV

For Home Care Agencies

Get More Right with EVV

Electronic Visit Verification™ is a system that uses electronic methods to verify the validity of home care visits.

When a home care provider visits a client, they’re able to use EVV-compliant software such as Sandata’s home care solutions to verify the amount of time spent at a home, the care a client received, and enter necessary data all on one, easy-to-use dashboard. By electronically verifying this information, agencies, caregivers, and state payers can eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse and maintain compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act.

Sandata’s Electronic Visit Verification

Sandata understands the home care industry and is committed to advancing the quality of care by offering time- and money-saving solutions to every level of home care provider. With over 40 years of experience offering home care solutions to more than 15,000 agencies, 21 state payers, and 50 managed care organizations, Sandata has a deep understanding of integration and the importance of compliance.

EVV Compliance

The most important role of Sandata’s software is ensuring compliance for home care agencies so care can be administered, billed, and paid for with little or no friction in the process.

To maintain compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, all home care visits must be electronically verified to confirm:

  • type of care or service performed
  • date and location of the care or service
  • times the service began and ended
  • the individual who received care
  • the caregiver who performed the service

Sandata offers three technology options to help providers verify visits and care. With Telephone Visit Verification™, Mobile Visit Verification™, and Fixed Visit Verification™, agencies and providers can select whichever tool is most convenient to meet the federal mandate. These flexible options allow providers to verify visits at the point of care, improve efficiency, strengthen compliance, and most importantly increase their quality of care.

 Are you ready for more than just EVV? 

EVV Beyond Compliance

Sandata Agency Management

Sandata Agency Management is a full suite agency management solution that automates the end–to–end processing of all your agency’s clinical, financial, and operational functions including EVV. Our solution is the industry’s most comprehensive HR and compliance solution for home healthcare, making it easy to manage all of your agency’s processes in one place.

Sandata Agency Management will save your agency time, money, and effort by consolidating your processes and all lines of business into one easy-to-use, comprehensive solution. Your agency will work with our top-notch implementation team to configure software that will meet your specific business needs so you can achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency without compromising the quality of care your clients are receiving.

With Sandata Agency Management, home care providers can enjoy these included features:
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 Client and Staff Management 

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 Integrated Electronic Visit Verification™ 

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Payroll Calculation

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Cash Application

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Plan of Care

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Supports Multiple Lines of Business

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Additional Products and Services

Sandata Point of Care

Sandata Point of Care is an Electronic Medical Records software that allows your staff to collect and access patient profiles, charts, assessments, and plans of care on any device and update them in real-time. This software solution is your agency’s key to compliance, as your staff can enter all the necessary EVV information at the point of care, and your office administrators can verify it in real-time.


Sandata Eligibility can help your agency better manage patient and payer eligibility for the services you deliver, reducing the risk of uncollectable revenue. Sandata Eligibility verifies payer websites and manages Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) inquiries and responses, integrating seamlessly with Sandata RCM and helping your agency reach compliance the first time.

Revenue Cycle Management

Sandata’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution can maximize the effectiveness of your revenue cycle functions from intake to billing by improving cash flow and increasing agency revenue. Sandata RCM can help your agency help ensure your claims and billing processes are compliant to minimize claim denials and rejections, especially when used with Sandata Eligibility.


Sandata’s Payroll solution offers detailed paystubs including information about each client visit and can help your agency replace slow and inefficient employee data capture with consistent real-time data.

We are committed to advancing the quality of care.

Sandata’s home care and I/DD agency management solutions are unrelated to any state-provided EVV solution and not a requirement of the state.