Support Available to Customers in Early Stages of EVV Mandate Going into Effect

Port Washington, NY, January 6, 2021 – The EVV Mandate under the 21st Century Cures Act, officially in effect as of the first of the year, brings an increased need for support from users in both mature programs and recently launched programs. Sandata, who successfully navigated pandemic-related challenges in 2020, brings the same fortitude into 2021 and has launched a Payer Program Readiness Plan that includes increased levels of support, training, reference tools, and customer communications. 

In anticipation of the unique challenges that would arise with the EVV Mandate going live, Sandata began preparation months ago to ensure all programs, providers, and caregivers could get the support they needed. Today, this support is available through enhanced learning sessions, increased staffing at call centers, cross-trained call center staff, and access to online resources made as convenient as possible. Sandata has been and continues to be committed to making a seamless start to the year and full compliance for EVV.   

Sandata’s platform supports 18 state payers, over 50 managed care organizations, and more than 15,000 home care agencies. Together, these payers and providers are managing 140 million home care visits. Despite COVID-19 forcing change on businesses in so many ways last year, Sandata maintained business continuity with its own team, which extended to serving customers. Consistent and clear communication, new tools released at no cost, support for customers’ unique needs, and zero SLAs missed due to COVID ensured customers’ continued success. 

Among the real-time challenges being managed in 2020 Sandata managed 9 payer go-lives, 7 programs expanded, and 106 provider go-lives. This alone merited an expanded customer support capacity. The work has been useful preparation in being able to handle the unexpected challenges the EVV Mandate may bring to the industry. 

Sandata sees this as the opportunity to exemplify what it means to be a partner. “Helping our industry get settled in with this new mandate is no easy task,” said Tom Underwood, Sandata CEO. “But we see being a partner to payers and providers across the country as being someone that can be counted on when the going gets tough.” 

About Sandata Technologies 

Sandata Technologies is a leading U.S. provider of home care solutions that enable government agencies, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and home care providers to manage and optimize the delivery of home care services. Sandata’s suite of solutions offers its 15,000+ agencies, 18 state Medicaid agencies, and 50+ MCOs with tools and capabilities to advance quality of care and improve patient and client outcomes. Sandata’s solutions support 2.1 million patients and over 8,000,000 monthly visits, providing value for all constituents across the home care continuum. 

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