Sandata Welcomes Caregiver Inc., Texas-Based I/DD Provider

Sandata is pleased to welcome Caregiver, Inc., a Texas-based agency that provides services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to its network. By deploying Sandata’s billing software specifically designed for I/DD agencies, Caregiver Inc. can tackle billing challenges in Texas as well in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and Tennessee, where its branded affiliates are located. 

With an I/DD specific billing software, providers such as Caregiver, Inc. can increase revenue and cash flow with built-in contract utilization and outstanding bills reports. They can also improve efficiencies and reduce administrative costs with time-saving features. Together with its affiliates, Caregiver Inc. provides intermediate, home and community care services to thousands of individuals. 

“As providers seek ways to become more efficient while keeping the focus on giving individuals with I/DD the fullest life possible,” said Mark Lashley, CEO of Caregiver Inc. “We’re charged with balancing great care with profitability. It’s the only way we can grow so that we can be available to more individuals that deserve to experience all that life has to offer them.” 

Speaking on behalf of everyone at Sandata, we are so pleased to start a partnership with Caregiver, Inc.,” said Tom Underwood, CEO of Sandata. “We’re here to use technology to support solving problems in the I/DD industry so the individuals served enjoy the highest quality of life.” 

Billing is just one of many areas in which Sandata can support I/DD providers. Schedule a call with our team to find out how technology can help you overcome your challenges. 

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