Sandata to Present on Electronic Visit Verification at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

Sandata Technologies, the leading provider of Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) solutions, announced today Denise Tocco, Senior Vice President of Business Development, will present with one of our state Medicaid clients as well as our national partner, DXC.   The presentation focuses on the state’s evolution of their EVV program, best practices and lessons learned.

This combined presentation is part of the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference, August 13-17, 2018, at the Oregon Convention Center.  The presentation will occur on Wednesday, August 15th at 8:00AM. Sandata is thrilled to participate in the annual Medicaid Enterprise conference as it brings together thought leaders to educate and share ideas and information related to Medicaid systems and initiatives.

“We’re looking forward to this presentation with our clients, as it will provide great insight to other states that are in the procurement process and have not yet made a decision. Our client will share the value of our EVV solution and partnership over the past two years, with a focus on enhancements and adjustments we have made to continue to support home care delivery for all stakeholders,” said Tom Underwood, Chief Executive Officer of Sandata. Sandata has experience implementing statewide EVV solutions in 13 different states, we are the originator of the Open EVV model, we are the only vendor with a statewide Open EVV implementation in production, and we are the only EVV vendor undergoing CMS MITA certification.

We encourage Providers, State Associations, Medicaid Agencies, Vendors, and MCOs to continue working towards a collaborative EVV solution where value is recognized by all constituents in the home care industry, and where we jointly commit to improving the care that we are delivering to the Medicaid members.

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